Signs that you might be treating your partner like a child

Are you treating your partner like a child?

Some behaviors are acceptable in your dealings with your children, but not with your partner. You might not even be aware that you’re doing these things, let alone how they’re making your spouse feel.

It’s vital to remember the distinction between your relationship with your children and your relationship with your mate if you fall into the habit of doing these things when you have children.


Some behaviors are more flagrant or visible than others, but they all demonstrate a lack of respect for your spouse as an adult and for your relationship’s equality.

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If you dont know the signs then below are 13 signs that shows you are treating your partner like a child;

1- Forcing your partner to wake up in the morning.

2- When going somewhere or traveling, you pack your partner’s bag or suitcase for them.

3- You are overly cautious and overprotective.

4- You are the family’s official reminder person, whether it’s to take medications, do a duty, or arrive on time somewhere.

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5- One of your roles, you assume, is to reprimand or correct your partner’s behavior.

6- You are the one who purchases your partner’s clothing.

7- You take over common things like filling out medical or legal forms for your partner.

8- You maintain track of your partner’s belongings, such as their eyeglasses, car keys, and wallet.

9- You make appointments with doctors on behalf of your partner.

10- You frequently attend to your partner’s every need.

11- You choose the outfits you believe your lover should wear.

12- You have no qualms about putting food on your partner’s plate, cutting up their meat, or pressuring them to eat all of their vegetables.

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13- “Baby talk” or a paternal tone of voice are used in your discussion with your partner.

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