Woman Kidnapped In Osogbo And Taken To Ilesha Recounts Her Ordeal In Captivity

A woman snatched away by kidnappers after she boarded a motorcycle in Osogbo has narrated her ordeal.

The victim who identified herself as Bimbo has recounted how she took a bike from somewhere near army corner going to Aiyetoro in Osogbo, not knowing the rider was a kidnapper.

During the course of the journey, the rider picked up another passenger who said he was also going to the same Aiyetoro. So he sat behind her, putting her in the middle of the two men.


But instead of going towards Aiyetoro, the rider turned back and followed a different route.

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Sensing foul play, she asked the rider where he was taking her. But it was the other passenger behind her that answered and told her to corporate. Obviously, they were working together.

After sometime, they came to a place where a minibus (Popularly called Korope in Osogbo) full of people was parked. She was then forced into the minibus and the journey to Ilesha began.

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She said, just before entering Ilesha, i.e while nearing the thick Forest, the kidnappers used something to hit the head of each passenger on the minibus including herself.

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After this, they continued on their journey towards the same Ilesha and she overheard the kidnappers whispering to themselves; “this one will put us in trouble.”

So they asked her how much she had in her purse, to which she opened the purse for them to see. So they took all the money she had and threw her out of the bus.

Luckily, she was able to crawl out of the forest and found people that helped her back to Osogbo.

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However, ever since she arrived in Osogbo, she said her health has not being the same. She feeling discomfort especially in her head.

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