What Is Mkpuru Mmiri? Facts About Its Components, Effects, and Hazards 


In Nigeria today, there are concerns about the increase of heavy drug use among young people, particularly in the Southeast region. The concerns are made worse by the increasing number of able-bodied young people who are mentally unstable and who are now seen roaming the streets.

Most discussions in public places in the region now centre on how youths consume Mkpuru Mmiri in particular. The region has also begun to see an upsurge in all types of crime. These days, it’s typical to hear about people breaking into private residences in search of cash or missing soup pots, including those that are on fire.

Drug user being flogged mercilessly

According to sources, some young people turn to various crimes after using the drug. “It causes them to despise everyone who crosses their path.


They do not think that anyone can contend with them after taking the drugs, that is the point,” a source stated.

So what exactly is this Mkpuru Mmiri Drug? Find out below :

What Is Mkpuru Mmiri Drug?

MKPURU MMIRI is a nickname for a highly addictive and stimulant drug called Cryst*l m€th. Punch newspaper (November 24, 2021), put it as slang coined from the Igbo language, which is loosely translated as ‘seed of water’.

In reality, it is a cryst*l narcotic hallucinogen, medically known as M€thamphetamine or by its street name Cryst*l M€th. It has a chalk-like crystal form and can sometimes be blue hence the name ‘mkpuru mmiri’.

What Is Mkpuru Mmiri In English?

In the ordinary language of Nigerians, Mkpuru Mmiri is called cryst*l m€th. In the Igbo language, Mkpuru means ‘seed’, and Mmiri means ‘water’, so the
combination of the two words gives the new social lexicon, Mkpuru Mmiri, literally translating to ‘seed of water’.

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This slang comes both from the physical appearance of the deadly drug, which often appears as pieces of crystal or ice cubes.

Side Effect of Mkpuru Mmiri

The negative effect of the drug is such that after the user consumes it they engage in criminal and immoral acts detrimental to the society at large.

Mkpuru Mmiri
Photo of an unidentified youth high on the drug.

The substance can also lead to anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood swings, and violent behavior from the user.

A user’s looks can also change dramatically; from ageing quickly, to dull skin. They can also develop hard-to-heal sores and pimples and may have a dry mouth and stained, broken, or rotting teeth.

Aditionally, a person addicted to the drug may also become paranoid and start hallucinating. They could also think of hurting themselves or others and may feel as though insects are crawling on or under their skin.

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Mkpuru Mmiri Flogging

According to reports, extreme measures have been adopted by some communities in the South-East in order to combat the ugly trend.

It has been reported on several news outlets that the activities of drugs addicts and dealers have become so damaging that town unions and youths associations are taking drastic measures including what is now known as ‘Cane Deliverance’, to stamp out the menace from their communities.

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Mkpuru Mmiri Flogging
Mkpuru Mmiri Flogging pictures

‘Cane Deliverance’ is a situation where drug abusers and peddlers are tied to a tree or pole at a public square and flogged mercilessly like animals to dissuade them from the act.

Mkpuru Mmiri Pictures

The physical appearance of the deadly drug often appears as pieces of crystal or ice cubes (As seen in the above picture). Victims of the drug may grind it into a powdered form. It can be eaten through the mouth or inhaled through the nose.

This substance can also be injected into the body when it is mixed with any liquid substance. The drug can also be smoked into a small glass pipe.

How To Stop Mkpuru Mmiri

Addiction to this deadly drug has no known cure. This has in no way discouraged youths from taking it. Thus, the more the number of abusers of Mkpuru Mmiri, the more the increasing number of insane people in our communities.

Unfortunately, deaths and crime rates have increased, with some families devastated by the effects on them and their children.

Also, the very few psychiatrists are reporting a phenomenal increase in youthful patients, especially students of all tiers of education – primary, secondary and tertiary institutions (The Nation 2021). It is also sad to note that the intake of the drug has Stakeholders, the government and concerned citizens are confused about the necessary action to take.


Nigerian youths are faced with various sources of stress arising from family responsibilities, personal health concerns, pressure from environment and peers, media pressure, unemployment and the challenges of living the Nigerian good life. Not meeting up with these expectations usually makes them end up being frustrated, confused and helpless.

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In trying to cope with such challenges, the youths may end up indulging in a
variety of drugs that endanger their own lives as well as the lives of other people around them.

Parents, educators, health professionals, religious and traditional leaders, social workers and the community at large must be at the fore front in the fight against the intake of Mkpurummiri by youths. The negative effect of this drug affects everybody and there is a likelihood that it may spread to other parts of the country and the continent if not curtailed.

As future leaders of our country, youths should be loved, guided and supported so that they are able to deal with stressors and pressures and the ability to refrain from seeking alternatives to controlling stress and pressures of meeting up with societal expectations.

Political leaders in the South East region must stand against this challenge by arresting smugglers and sellers of these drugs and ensure proper rehabilitation of the abusers.

Reference: Aosis (Identity formation in Proverbs 22 and the Mkpuru Mmiri drug crisis in Igbo communities)

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