What Does UA Mean In The Military?

It is daunting task to keep track of all the acronyms used in the military. Do you know what UA stands for? This acronym is mostly used when talking about absences. UA is short for Unauthorized Absence.

Unauthorized Absence is not the only UA definition available in the military context, though. There are many others, and you will find out everything about the UA military meanings in this article. Therefore, keep reading to learn more!

UA in the military context

Like I said in the introduction, UA (Unauthorized Absence) is a term used to define absences without leave or absences without authorization in a military setup.


Section 886 of Title 10, United States Code defines “absence without leave.” The Army, Air Force, and Space Force use this term; the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard use the term “unauthorized absence.”

Soldiers leaving their units without permission has been a concern throughout history. It has also been experienced by the United States Army from its inception at the time of the Revolutionary War.

Obviously, soldiers being absent without leave (AWOL) and deserting is a troubling phenomenon whenever it occurs.

UA In the Military Aviation context

In the military aviation context, UA stands for “Unmanned Aircraft.”

Unmanned aircrafts are a category of aircraft that have the ability to fly without a pilot present.

Pair of unmanned military aircrafts or drones with extended landing gear fly by patrol air territory at low altitude. aappp

Unmanned aircraft systems consist of the aircraft component, sensor payloads and a ground control station. They can be controlled by onboard electronic equipments or via control equipment from the ground.

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When it is remotely controlled from ground It is referred to as an RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) and requires dependable wireless communication for control.

UAs are used for observation and tactical planning. This technology is now available for use in the emergency response field to assist the crew members.

Umanned Aircrafts are classified based on the altitude range, endurance and weight, and support a wide range of applications including military and commercial applications.

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UA in Army, Military Jargon and Military Slang context

UA here is short for “Unit of Action” also known as the Future Force unit of action.

What Does UA Means In The Military?
US marines in the desert near the blockpost. Credit: Getmilitaryphotos

The Future Force unit of action (UA) was designed by the United States Army’s tactical war-fighting echelon. Although optimized for offensive operations, the Future Combat Systems (FCS) equipped unit of action (UA) will have the ability to execute a full spectrum of operations. FCS will improve the strategic deployability and operational maneuver capability of ground combat formations without sacrificing lethality or survivability.

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UA In Army context

UA use in the Army context here stands for “Unit Administrator.”

Who are the role a unit administrator play in the Army?

A Unit Administrator carries out various tasks for the Commander in order to carry out the unit’s overall functions; represents the Commander in carrying out command functions; assists the Commander in setting goals and objectives and establishes priorities for carrying out organizational functions; supervises the work of full-time support staff; assigns, distributes, and reviews the work of subordinate unit sections and personnel.

Additionally, he assesses how incoming policies, instructions, and directives will affect unit operations; develops, suggests, and implements changes; makes suggestions to address issues with administrative policies and procedures; manages personnel, financial, and automated system activities; and manages and evaluates completed personnel actions.

UA in Army and War context

In Army and War setup, UA is also used to as an acronym for “Unconditional Annihilation”.

Annihilation is a military tactic that aims to completely destroy or obliterate the military capabilities of the enemy or opposing force. This tactic can be carried out in a single, strategically important combat known as a “battle of annihilation.” An annihilation war is won through the employment of tactical surprise, the application of overwhelming force at a crucial location, or other strategies used just before or during the combat.

The ultimate objective of a battle of annihilation is to force the opposing army’s leaders to request peace since their army has been completely destroyed and is therefore unable to take any more offensive or defensive military action.

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UA in another Army or Military Context

UA also stands for “Uniform Allowance”.

Army Enlisted members are provided non taxable monetary allowances to pay for uniform replacement and maintenance. Amounts are based on the cost of uniform items, and on an estimated “wear out” date for each item.

UA in Army and War context (b)

UA is also a short form of saying “Unit Attack” in a military setup.

The term “unit attack” can be defined as an act of violence by a particular military unit against the adversary, whether in offence or defence. To soldiers this might seem confusing or an oversimplification. Logically, however, even when their unit is in a defensive position that is being attacked, they are certainly required to act with violence to repel the adversary.

So the term covers a whole range of situations, from the case of a single soldier opening fire to an artillery bombardment or major offensive. It also includes counterattacks, raids and fighting patrols and all types of defensive operations.

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