US Prison Break: Dangerous prisoner escapes with female prison guard

Authorities in the United States are currently looking for an Alabama murder suspect and a female prison officer who they believe helped him flee, warning that both were extremely dangerous.

Casey White, an inmate, and officer Vicky White, who are not related, both fled the Lauderdale County Jail early Friday morning, where he was being held on murder charges.

Vicky White informed her coworkers that they were going to court for the prisoner’s psychological evaluation.

They never showed up, and suspicions quickly spread that the two Whites had made a daring escape.

Us prison break
The suspects, officer Vicky White and Casey White. Credit: AFP.

Vicky White has been charged with “permitting or helping an inmate’s escape,” according to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, who informed reporters on Monday.

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Casey White, 38, was “handcuffed and chained” as he was loaded into a squad car, according to him, and the prison officer persuaded colleagues that she was the only firearm-certified officer available to transport White.

Singleton stated that there is “definitely” a possibility that the two were romantically involved, and that officials were looking into it.

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Singleton stated of officer White, “We know she participated in the escape.” “I’m not sure if she did it willingly or if she was forced or threatened in some way to join in this escape.”

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Casey White is a “severe threat” to the public and the prison officer, according to the US Marshals Service, which has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Vicky White’s escape occurred on what was described as her final day of employment, according to Sheriff Singleton, and there were other details about her that showed she was involved.

“She was supposed to retire that day,” Singleton said of the “exemplary” prison officer with 17 years of service. “No one could have predicted this.”

Singleton claimed White had sold her property about a month before and informed colleagues about her wish to go to the beach.

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Casey White was charged with capital murder in 2020, after stabbing a 58-year-old lady to death.

According to the US Marshals Service, White confessed and was awaiting trial in the Alabama jail when he vanished.

“He stands to lose nothing,” Singleton said. “He’s a really dangerous man.”

Source: AFP.

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