UK Royal Marines Eligibility, Fitness Requirements And Test

UK Royal Marines.

The UK Royal Marines are the Royal Navy’s own amphibious troops and the UK’s Commando Force. They are an elite fighting force capable of dealing with a wide range of dangers and security difficulties, and they are optimized for international rapid response.

Roles of the UK Royal Marines.

The UK Royal Marines can be deployed globally without host nation support and projected from the sea to conduct operations on land. They are fully integrated with the Royal Navy’s amphibious ships.

Uk Royal Marine commandos / PA Wire
UK Royal Marines commandos / PA Wire.

They have a unique capacity and are experts in ship-to-ship operations, making them an important part of the Royal Navy’s maritime security duty.

What Do Royal Marines Do?

During the Second World War, allied forces were unable to get troops to targets in Europe that were occupied by the enemy by land or air. So the only way to attack was by sea. The only problem at that time was that no one knew how to accomplish it. As a result, they developed commando training, which is still the foundation for all the Royal Marines do today.

Uk Royal marines
UK Royal Marines

Royal Marines operate from Royal Navy planes, submarines, and ships, which serve as floating bases from which they can undertake a variety of missions ranging from humanitarian relief to offensive operations (missions to defeat an enemy). The massive commando assault ships can transport up to 700 fully armed Royal Marines, allowing them to launch operations onto the beach and on land.

The Royal Marines amphibious force is currently a very efficient and effective mechanism, with helicopters, landing craft, and fast boats deploying (being dispatched on military missions).

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Royal marines keep up the pace on land. The Royal Marines’ mastered speed-marching allows them to traverse ground quickly, assaulting enemy positions, rescuing civilians or prisoners, or establishing bases for use by other troops.

Specialist Royal Marines Commandos are trained in assault engineering, anti-tank warfare, air defense, signals, and other abilities, making them a combat force capable of dealing with any circumstance without the need for reinforcements.

It’s a one-of-a-kind job that necessitates one-of-a-kind abilities. You’ll require unrivaled levels of fitness, discipline, and dedication. It is not suitable for everyone. It is, however, the only job worth doing for those who don the green beret.

Royal Marines Eligibility

For the Basic Royal Marines Training, you should be between the ages of 16 and 32.

This role does not necessitate any qualifications.

A British national, a Commonwealth citizen, or a dual national can take up this role.

A minimum height of 145cm is required.

A BMI of 28 is the maximum (there may be some exceptions to this maximum if your waist measures less than 94cm)

A minimum weight of 65kg or a BMI of 23 is required.

Interests and skills needed to join the UK Royal Marines.

Self-disciplined and a true team player.

Physical stamina and mental fortitude.

In the face of adversity, optimism.

Ability to function well under duress.

Uk royal marines in water pointing guns.

Joining The UK Royal Marines (The process)

The following is the procedure for joining once you’ve confirmed your eligibility and registered your interest:

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Send your application in.

Obtain a passing score on the Naval Service Recruitment Test (NSRT)

Attend an official interview.

Examine your medical and eye wellness.

Pass the PJFT+ (Pre-Joining Fitness Test Plus)

Complete the Candidate Preparation Course for the Royal Marines (CPC)

For more on how to join the royal marines, please click HERE.

Royal Marines Physical Fitness Requirements.

Students attending all Royal Marines courses, especially the All Arms Commando Course (AACC), Royal Marines Young Officers’ Course (RMYO), and Physical Training (PT), must be in excellent medical and physical condition before beginning training. Failure or withdrawal from the Royal Marine course is mostly caused by weakness in the Physical Fitness area.

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Before beginning Royal Marines training, all students attending the Royal Marines Young Officers’ Course, All Arms Commando Course, or Physical Training Course must meet the following physical requirements:

a. Must be able to complete the Royal Marines Basic Fitness Test (RMBFT) in the time allotted for those aged 29 and under. Exercises for the upper body must also be completed (See below for the UK Royal Marines Fitness Test).

b. Must be able to swim 60 meters while wearing clothes and treading water for 3 minutes.

c. Be able to complete a standard military assault course in boots and loose order, and have done so before.

d. Must be capable of performing the fireman’s carry (A fireman’s carry, also known as a fireman’s lift, is a technique that allows one person to carry another without help by placing the transported person across the carrier’s shoulders) and half regain with proper technique.

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Uk Royal Marine commandos
Royal Marines battlefield fireman’s carry. Credit: Andrew Marshal.

e. This one is for AACC candidates only. They must be able to climb a minimum of 30 feet of rope In boots and denims with good technique.

UK Royal Marines Fitness Test (Basics).

1- The basic fitness test consists of three parts that must be completed in order:

Part 1: 5 pull-ups and 50 sit-ups (i.e the upper body).
Part 2: A 1.5-mile squad run and walk in 15 minutes.
Part 3: A 1.5-mile best-effort run in under 11.5 minutes.

After the sit-ups and pull-ups, and before the squadded run/walk, a short non-testing set of back exercises will be incorporated.

2- All potential RMYO, AACC, and PT personnel must follow the repetitions and timings listed above for the 29 and under age bracket. The following is the complete table of repetitions and timings:

3- You must complete 2 minutes of sit-ups. On each repeat, the hands must be clasped behind the head and the torso must pass through the vertical.
Knees can be bowed.

4- Pull-ups have no time limit, but arms must be fully extended between repetitions. It is necessary to employ the over grip.

Reference: The Royal Navy.

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