Read the story of Abdul-Samed, The Modern Day Goliath Found In Ghana [VIDEO]

Here’s everything we know about “the modern day Goliath found in Ghana.

Recently, the pictures of a Ghanaian man, dubbed the Ghanaian Goliath, whom some say is arguably the tallest in the country, surfaced on the internet and we decided to do a small research to know more about him.

The modern day Goliath found in Ghana

The 8- feet tall 27-year-old indigene of Nalerigu in the East Mamprusi municipality in the North East Region of Ghana, said he was born a short person but at age 10, he realized that he was growing astronomically tall.


This prompted his parents and opinion leaders in the community to have a second look at his growth by consulting the oracles.

Below is the story of 27-year-old Suleman Abdul-Samed, as curled from

Abdul-Samed is popularly known as ‘Awuche’ from Gambaga in the East Mamprusi Municipal Assembly in the North East Region of Ghana.

The modern day Goliath found in Ghana

Awuche, in an interview that was captured by JoyNews described how he woke up one morning and things began changing for him.

Watch video of the interview below;

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He narrated how his body parts, including his tongue all of a sudden started enlarging to the point that it was impossible for him to even breathe.

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For his feet, they had grown so large, they no longer fit in his shoes, he said.

“One night, I just slept and woke up to see my everything getting big big and this my tongue, it was big in my mouth and I couldn’t even breathe so I just rushed to Lapaz, to my brothers and then they sent me to one clinic around there.

“As you can see, this sandals, I was not wearing this sandal. I normally have my sneakers, my slippers but all of a sudden, every part of me started getting big big.


From that night, I just saw that I was growing tall and I don’t know. I left Lapaz for a month or two and returned, I was told that I had grown tall, you’re just getting tall,” he narrated.

According to the interview, Awuche was once a public figure, popular among the people of Gambaga, and named after Liverpool star striker, Peter Crouch, mainly because of his skills on the football pitch.

“People normally come to this area and then rent me as a player. People come to this area and then rent me to a different area to play football for them, leaving my team. They would pick me from my team into another team. I was a winger, playing 11 wing” he said.

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Another thing that concerns him most is that people often refer to him as an elderly person when he is not even up to 30-years-old.

“I’m 27-years-now. You see, people will see you, giving you age like 40 or 50, I’m 27-years now,” he explained.

There’s also something more interesting we found out about the man described as the “modern day goliath found in Ghana.” He’s a die-hard political fanatic.

According to Awuche, his mentor in politics is the current vice-president of Ghana, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, who reportedly supported him with money to buy a tricycle.

“He is my mentor; Dr. Bawumia. He gave me that money, that’s my signboard – Dr. Bawumia and you’ll see that my people will be calling me Dr. Bawumia and I’ll be laughing,” he said.

In 2005, Awuche reportedly lost his mother, and went on to only do two years of secondary school education.

In another interview, while speaking with the Editor of, Awuche said, “I feel exceptional because of my height and people always want to come closer to me and take pictures with me”,

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He added that his utmost aim is to use his unique personality to attain an international recognition which he said would also help attract investors or tourists into Nalerigu, thereby boosting the economic fortunes of the community whilst also benefiting from it as a person.

Awuche as he likes to be called however said, in spite of his looks, he thanks God for how far he has brought him through a stature which he says now brings food to his table. 

Till date, it still remains a mystery the exponential growth pattern that has taken place in his body as no one has been able to provide answers to his situation.

However, Sulemana Abdul-Samed is living his life with great hopes, operating a Mobile Money vending shop in Gambaga.

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