VIDEO: Terrorists release BOA MD, says “we can kill the other hostages instantly without remorse”

Video of Managing Director of Bank of Agriculture (BOA MD), Alwan Hassan, being flanked by armed terrorists, shortly before his release has surfaced on the internet.

The kidnapped Managing Director of Bank of Agriculture, Alwan Hassan, was surrounded by armed terrorists in a new video released by terrorists on Wednesday.

The terrorists in the 2 minutes video urged the Nigerian government to help secure the release of other captives.

The terrorists and BOA MD in the middle

Hassan was on the ill-fated train from Abuja, heading to Kaduna on Monday March 28, when it was attacked by terrorists during the journey.

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The Abuja-Kaduna train was attacked at a point between Katari and Rijana areas of Kaduna State.

Alwan Ali Hassan, the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture (BOA MD),

Bandit Terrorists who attacked the Abuja to Kaduna Train in an “unprecedented” act of violence have released Hassan with a source saying millions of naira was paid as ransom for his release.

Watch video below;

One of the bandit, speaking in pure Hausa language, said that they are the attackers who abducted many people in the train and they are freeing the victim because of his age.

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Another asked the BOA MD to speak.

The BOA MD also speaking in Hausa language said, “i was released due to my old age and condition but other abductees that are held hostage are in a terrible conditions” He urged the authorities to help secured the victims.

The last speaker in a sensitive statement said, ‘we are not doing this for your money, we can kill the hostages instantly without remorse, the Government knows us and they know what we agitating for. We urge them to grant our request before it’s too late.’

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