Ranks And Salaries Of Nigerian Airforce personnel

In this article, we will be discussing various ranks and salaries of Nigerian Airforce personnel. How much they earn according to their ranks.

After multiple peacekeeping missions in which Nigerian personnel were transported by military planes from foreign countries, the concept of forming the Nigerian Air Force arose in 1961.

This was done to allow Nigeria to transport its own troops without relying on other countries’ air forces. The government took the first steps toward forming the force in 1962, but it wasn’t until between 1962 and 1964 that several Nigerians began training to become officers in various nations.


Under the Federal Government Act of 1964, the Air Force became fully operational. Later, in-country training began, which started the training of Air Force officers within the country.

During the Civil War, from 1967 to 1970, the same Air Force proved essential, despite its lack of strength.

The government then moved to reorganize the country’s air force after the war. This they did by purchasing additional aircrafts and expanding the range of training opportunities for officers and personnel.

Since then, the Nigerian Air Force has made significant progress in its missions of transporting troops into and out of the country, supplying logistics to troops on operations, and engaging in air combat, particularly against the Boko Haram extremists.

Ranks and salaries of Nigerian Airforce Personnel

The Nigerian Air Force is divided into two cadres; commissioned and non-commissioned.

Starting with the non-commissioned cadre, the ranks of officers and soldiers of the force are listed below in ascending order of seniority.

Ranks and Salaries Of Nigerian Airforce Personnel (This photo is for Discriptive purposes only)
Nigerian Airforce Personnel during a military parade.

The salaries of Nigerian Airforce personnel, like those of any other organization, are defined by the Grade Level and Steps, which determines the remuneration range. Most individuals compare the wages of the three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces in order to determine which one to join or just for fun.

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In ascending order of seniority, this is a comprehensive list of Nigerian Air Force ranks and their accompanying wages.

The Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS), which also applies to the Army and Navy, is the basis for these salaries. The lowest and highest annual incomes of all Air Force grades in Nigeria are listed below.

1- Salaries Of Nigerian Airforce Non-commissioned cadre

Non-commissioned officers are referred to as Recruits, and their training lasts no longer than six months.


This is the Nigerian Air Forces’ lowest rank. It is the rank of people who are still undergoing training to become Aircraftmen or women, as the name implies. This rank pays an annual salary of #122,848.


After completing training, trainees are assigned to this rank, which is the lowest in the Air Force. A year’s pay for an Aircraftman or Woman ranges from #592,953 to #639,990.

Lance Corporal

The Nigerian Air Forces’ next rank, after Aircraftman/woman, is the Lance Corporal. A Lance Corporal’s annual pay ranges from #603,918 to #661,732.


This level pays between #623,763 and #693,426 per year.



The Sergeant is a senior rank in the non-commissioned officer’s cadre. Sergeants are in the middle of the NCO ranks, with yearly salaries ranging from #677,319 to #809,327.

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Flight Sergeant

The pay scale for a Flight Sergeant ranges from #835,771 to #1,019,226 per year.

Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer is the Air Force’s second-highest NCO rank. Personnel at this level earn between #1,022,320 and #1,192,499 per year.

Master Warrant Officer

This is the highest NCO rank, and every NCO retires with this or a lower rank. Annual salaries for warrant officers range from #1,783,029 to #1,962,697.

2- Salaries Of Nigerian Airforce Commissioned cadre

The Nigerian Air Force commissioned officers are those who have graduated from the Nigerian Defence Academy or joined the Air Force as a university graduate through the Direct Short Service Commission.

You can read more about the Nigerian Air force DSSC Recruitment 2021 here if you wish to join the Nigerian Air Force DSSC.


This is an officer who is still in the process of becoming a full-fledged officer. The Cadet gets paid between #471,038 and #534,773 per year.

Pilot Officer

A Nigerian Air Force Pilot Officer earns in the regoion of N187,199 monthly. They earn in the region of N2,246,388 annually.

Flying Officer

On completion of training, officers of the Direct Short Service are commissioned into this rank, which is the second commissioned rank. Flying Officers make between #2,255,911 and #2,620,801 per year.

Flight Lieutenant

The flight Lieutenant is the officer cadre’s third highest rank. Next to Squadron Leader, it is the highest junior officer rank. The annual remuneration for an officer in this rank ranges from #2,404,037 to #2,789,818.

Squadron Leader

A squadron leader’s yearly pay ranges from #2,558,954 to #2,976,052.

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Wing Commander

Next to Group Captain, the Wing Commander is a senior Air Force rank. It sits in the middle of the officer ranks, between junior and senior. A Wing Commander’s annual salary ranges from #3,390,886 to #3,895,033.

Group Captain

Next to the ‘General’ levels is the Group Captain position. He is paid a salary that ranges from #3,726,659 to #4,231,579 each year, similar to a Colonel in the Army.

Air Commodore

The first of the ‘General’ ranks is the Air Commodore. It is the fourth highest rank and a senior rank. A Commodore’s annual remuneration ranges from #7,396,656 to #8,134,745.

Air Vice-Marshal

The Air Vice-Marshal is the force’s third-highest rank and the first Marshal rank. The annual remuneration for an officer in this rank ranges from #12,038,945 to #16,516,124.

Air Marshal

This is the Air Force’s second highest rank. An officer with the rank of Air Marshal earns between #13,363,229 and #17,837,414 a year.

Air Chief Marshal

The highest rank in the Air Force is Air Chief Marshal. As is the case with paramilitary agencies, an officer of this level automatically becomes the head of the Air Force. This rank pays between #16,303,140 and #20,691,400 per year, making it the Nigerian Air forces’ most senior and highest-paying rank.

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