Drone video captures Russian Forces killing Unharmed civilian (WATCH)

According to reports, Russian forces are killing civilians across occupied parts of southern Ukraine. This comes as Moscow arrested elected local leaders and sought to replace them with pro-Russian collaborators.

German public broadcaster ZDF have recently released a drone footage (Video) of Russian forces shooting a civilian in Kyiv region who raised his hands above his head.

Russian Forces
Ukraine Crisis photo by AFP. (Photo for descriptive purpose only).

Watch video below (Watch video tonthe end to see how victim was dragged off the road);

Drone video of Russian forces killing unharmed person.

What the video shows is startling, according to VDF Frontal, a German news outlet.

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Several ordinary civilian cars are being filmed by a camera drone as they travel towards Kiev’s city center. The first driver may have seen the Russian Forces and sharply turned around; however, a silver-grey car slows down and comes to a complete stop. Then something dreadful occurs.

A person leaves his car with his hands up and is shot, falling down right behind the car. It appears that Russian military are to blame. They dash from their posts to the crime scene. Their white bands, which are often used in Ukraine to distinguish friends from foes, can be used to identify them as Russian soldiers.

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Shooting civilians, especially those who have clearly surrendered, is prohibited and a crime under the International Criminal Code.

Is this footage real? After all, in a battle, truth is the first casualty, and all parties engaged utilize propaganda to further their own objectives. Images have the potential to be used as a weapon.

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To confirm if the footage is real, VDF Frontal reporters visited the drone pilot. You can read more on this story HERE.

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