Nigerian Man Dies Mysteriously A Day After Arriving Lviv Polytechnic National University In Ukraine

Rofeeha, the sister of Fadlullah Agboluaje, a Nigerian student in Ukraine, has raised alarm after her brother died mysteriously just one day after returning to study at the Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine.

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Late Fadlullah Agboluaje and his siter before leaving for Lviv Polytechnic National University In Ukraine.

On her Twitter Page, the elder Agboluaje described how her brother arrived in Ukraine on January 9th and settled into his new accommodation.

Rofeeha Agboluaje’s tweets about her brother who died mysteriously in Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine.

She said in a series of tweets;

“He got picked up from the airport by Lviv polytechnic national university’s representative to the school accomodation facility this same day, 9th January, 2022.”

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“On getting to his designated room, he wasn’t happy with the way it looked and also complained that that heater wasn’t effective (swipe to see pictures) so my mum told him to request a change of room.”

“So he went to the front desk of the accomodation facility to report to the personnel on duty but unfortunately the person didn’t understand english so he ended up reaching out to the liaison officer, the undersigned agent on the letter the school sent before he left for Ukraine.”

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“This man asked my brother to see him in the morning the following day.”

“My mum chatted with my brother up until 11pm Nigeria time on Sunday.”

“Then on Monday, we didn’t hear from my brother, all his calls were going through, messages were dropping but no responses at all.”

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“My mum began to panic and began to reach out to different people for help as at afternoon time after we got no response from him all morning.”

“Then it struck her that she could copy the number of the liaison officer on the letter, so she began to reach out to him also.”

“Later that afternoon, he began to dodge our calls, keeping us in the dark.”

“He ended up picking his calls later that evening and then gave a student in that accomodation facility the phone to break the news that my brother was found dead on the floor of his room.”

“It was a big shock. My brother left Nigeria very healthy. He ran COVID-19 test as at 7th of January, and tested negative. He got the full COVID-19 vaccination, Took his yellow fever vaccine, ran a complete health check at our family hospital and everything came out fine.”

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“After the the news was broken, we began to ask this liaison officer to send us his picture if truly he’s dead. He didn’t do so until early evening on Tuesday 11th, 2022.”

“I looked at the picture on my uncle’s phone and my brother looked asleep in the blue shirt he wore from Nigeria as seen in the picture, fully buttoned up and in a blue thick furred coat.”

“They haven’t sent us another picture of my brother in his dead state.”

“They said they’ve ran an autopsy, where’s the official report?”

“Why is the school not reaching out to us like they’re truly concerned? Or like they’re taking responsibility.
He was already in the schools territory!”

“What even happened to my brother?”

The largest scientific university in Lviv, Ukraine is Lviv Polytechnic National University. It has been one of Central Europe’s most prominent centers of scientific and technological development since its founding in 1816.

There has been no response from the school as of the time of publishing this article.

Credit: Twitter | @Ladyinyellow__

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