Witch Doctor Caught, Promises To Renounce Faith And Join Deeper Life Church After Being Thoroughly Beaten

A Ebonyi community has publicly shamed a ‘witch doctor’ for attempting to murder family members.

Witch doctor
The suspected witch doctor. Credit: The Sun News.

The community exposed the witch doctor simply identified as Dennis, who was accused of concealing charms to harm his step-brother, name withheld, and other family members.

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, the residents of Otaka village in Ndiebor Ishiagu Community, Izzi Local Government, Ebonyi State shamed and paraded him in front of the public.

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Speaking to reporters from Sun News, Agu Ominyi, a representative for the community’s General Council revealed that problems began between the accused and some of his family members over a piece of land, but the suspected witch doctor resorted to diabolically measures to destroy his perceived enemies in order to possess the property. But his luck ran out when he was caught in the act.

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Dennis, however, denied being a witch doctor, stating that he is simply a native healer who uses herbs and roots to treat various maladies. He also claimed that on the tragic day, he was merely trying to scare his stepbrother, Ejikeme, and others by using his “Nome” charm to do bogus incantations.

He promised to give up all fetish items and other traditional practices, indicating he was willing to turn a new page even if it meant becoming a new convert to the Deeper Life Bible Church.

Dennis was allegedly seen burying a charm and performing incantations over a fetish item called ‘Nome’ in the disputed piece of land, according to Ominyi, the spokesman form the community.

“After we summoned him and interrogated him, the man boldly claimed that the substances were meant to spiritually eliminate his stepbrother and other family members with whom he was at odds over a piece of land.”

Ominyi added that the community paraded the suspect in public as a deterrent to others.

He stated that the accused witch doctor would normally be expelled from the community, but after the locals realized how remorseful he was, they forgave him and granted a soft landing.

“After all his demonic tools and materials had been burned to ashes, he was forgiven and readmitted into the village,” he said, adding that the suspect had swore to quit all fetish acts. We cautioned him that if he was caught in the act again, he might not get another chance.”

Daniel Ofoke, the youth leader, confirmed that when confronted, the suspect acknowledged to the crime and appealed for compassion.

Ofoke reacting to the mischievous act, recommended individuals to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherever possible rather than endangering people’s lives through fetish tactics.

Ogbonna Michael, the chairman of Otaka village, warned others like Dennis to desist from such mischievous acts.

“The man even told us that he planned to kill all the individuals who would want to enter the land violently,” he said.

The witch doctor has been accused of being spiritually responsible for the death of one of his kinsmen whose body was recently returned home from Onitsha, Anambra State.

He’s also being accused of a mystery health issue afflicting another person, and other incomprehensible disasters that had befallen others, among other things.

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