Duties Of The Nigerian Armed Forces

What are the duties of the Nigerian Armed Forces?

Flag of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The Nigerian Armed Forces are responsible for the land, sea, and air defense of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, and Nigerian Air Force are its three uniformed service branches.

Duties of the Nigerian armed forces
Logos of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Constitution establishes the roles of a country’s armed forces. The main content of such duties is the defense of the nation’s territorial integrity and other key interests.

Below are the duties of the Nigerian armed forces as per its branches:

1- The Nigerian Navy.

Duties of the Nigerian armed forces.
Nigerian Navy crew members.

The Navy is in charge of:

(a) enforcing and assisting in the coordination of the enforcement of all Nigerian customs, laws, including anti-bunkering, fishery, and immigration laws at sea;

(b) enforcing and assisting in the coordination of the enforcement of national and international maritime laws ascribed or acceded to by Nigeria;

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(c) making charts and co-ordinating all national hydrographic surveys; and

(d) promoting, coordinating, and enforcing safety rules in Nigeria’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.

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2- The Nigerian Air Force.

Nigerian Air Force personnel.

The Nigerian Air Force is responsible for:

(a) enforcing and assisting in the coordination of international law, conventions, practices, and customs relating to aerial or space activities in Nigerian air space;

(b) co-ordinating and enforcing national and international air laws acceded or ascribed to Nigeria; and

(c) delineating, demarcating, and co-ordinating all aerial surveys and security zones of Nigeria.

3- The Nigerian Army.

Duties of the Nigerian armed forces.
Nigerian Army personnel. Photo by Audu Marte/AFP via Getty Images

Duties of the Nigerian Army are as follows:

(a)The Constitution must be followed.

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(b) Nigeria’s territorial integrity must be preserved.

(c) To protect the country against external threats.

(d) To keep the country’s borders safe. In the event of an insurgency,

(e) To restore order,

(f) To carry out any additional functions specified in the Act of the National Assembly or as instructed by the President.

The army, which must first and foremost preserve the people and the country’s integrity, is frequently called upon to execute responsibilities that are unrelated to its primary mission.

Here are some of our army’s functions:

– To keep an eye on high-value locations.

– To provide some emergency assistance.

– To obtain the professional abilities needed to carry out moral responsibilities.

– To ensure that the army’s and all other establishments’ equipment is current and in good functioning order.

– To coordinate the enforcing of immigration and customs laws and regulations.

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– To carry out fundamental defensive maneuvers.

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Despite internal problems to operational preparedness, the Nigerian Armed Forces have committed to a number of broad modernization plans to improve soldier discipline and firepower. This includes the purchase of modern armored vehicles, combat planes, and aerial reconnaissance drones, as well as the refurbishment of navy warships that had been neglected for lengthy periods of time.

These trends in the armed forces’ development as a fighting force, as well as efforts to combat corruption among military personnel and government bureaucracy, have played a critical role in Nigeria’s ability to confront threats to its national security and stability in the wider West African region.

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