Nigerian woman of Igbo descent, Amanda Azubuike becomes a brigadier general in the US Army

Amanda Azubuike

A Nigeria-American woman of Igbo descent, Amanda Azubuike was recently promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General in the United States Army. She was promoted to the rank at a military base in Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA in a ceremony held recently. Below is everything you need to know about Amanda Azubuike military career Amanda Azubuike began her career with the 924th Aviation Support Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. After the Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course and Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Qualification Course, she served with the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion…

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War Video Captures Moment US Soldier David Eubank Saved A Child From Line Of Fire In Mosul

US Soldier David Eubank

US Special Forces soldier-turned aid worker runs through gunfire in Mosul to save a child from ISIS during daring rescue in Mosul. The special operator-turned aid worker snatches a young girl from the line of fire, ‘I thought, “If I die doing this, my wife and kids would understand”,’ he says. That moment the retired US Special Forces operator-turned aid worker rescues a young girl from the line of fire in Mosul has been caught on video Video can be seen below; David Eubank, 56, pulled off the daring rescue…

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What Does UA Mean In The Military?

What Does UA Means In The Military?

It is daunting task to keep track of all the acronyms used in the military. Do you know what UA stands for? This acronym is mostly used when talking about absences. UA is short for Unauthorized Absence. Unauthorized Absence is not the only UA definition available in the military context, though. There are many others, and you will find out everything about the UA military meanings in this article. Therefore, keep reading to learn more! UA in the military context Like I said in the introduction, UA (Unauthorized Absence) is…

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Requirements For A Nigerian To Join The US Army

Requirements for a Nigerian to join the US army

Read carefully to learn about the necessary requirements for a nigerian to join the us army and or military in general. We will make sure to keep this page updated regularly so that prospective candidates from Nigeria can get first hand information and possible changes with regards the recruitment process. What are the requirements for a Nigerian to join the US army? You do not have to be a citizen of the United States to join the military, although your options may be limited. If you are not a citizen…

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Norway Plane Crash: US releases identities of 4 soldiers killed in training exercise

Norway Plane Crash victims

Norway Plane Crash: The four Marines killed during a training flight in Norway on Friday have been identified by the US. According to a Marine Corps news release, Capt. Matthew J. Tomkiewicz of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Capt. Ross A. Reynolds of Leominster, Massachusetts, Gunnery Sgt. James W. Speedy of Cambridge, Ohio, and Cpl. Jacob M. Moore of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, were all killed in the crash south of Bodo, Norway. The bodies of the deceased Marines have been taken from the Norway plane crash site and are being transported back to…

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ISIS Leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi Died Blowing Himself Up To Avoid Capture By US Special Forces

The late ISIS leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi.

During a Middle East Institute event on Thursday, Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top US general of US Central Command, said that notorious ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi that was reportedly killed during a US operation in Syria on Wednesday, was actually found dead outside of the building where he was living after he detonated an explosive. “US forces discovered the ISIS Amir dead on the ground outside the building due to the power of the self-initiated explosion on the third floor,” McKenzie added. According to McKenzie, US forces used…

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Which Military Is The Strongest In The World?

Which military is the strongest in the world

When asked “which military is the strongest in the world,” no other military comes to mind Othe than the U.S Military. When it comes to the overall strength of the world’s military forces, the US comes out on top, ahead of Russia and China in second and third place, respectively. The United States Armed Forces have occupied this position (as the strongest military in the world) for a very long time. It has demonstrated it’s capability in both the 1991 conventional war triumph against Iraq in liberating Kuwait and the…

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Meet Miss Colorado Who’s Also An Active Soldier In The U.S. Army

Miss Colorado

Miss Colorado 2021 is an active-duty soldier in the United States Army who is on a mission to raise awareness about mental health issues affecting past, present, and future service members, as well as to prevent veteran suicide. Spc. Maura Spence-Carroll is an all-source intelligence analyst with the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, based in Fort Carson, Colorado. For years, the Katy, Texas native has competed in many beauty pageant competitions before finally winning the miss Colorado beauty contest in 2021. Her mother, who spent years as a…

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1 French Soldier Killed And 1 US Service Member Injured In Mali Mortar Attack On Military Base

French soldiers

A French soldier was killed and one US service member wounded on Saturday in an attack on a French military base in the city of Gao according to U.S. Africa Command (US AFRICOM). AFRICOM revealed that the US service member’s injuries are not life threatening. However, the identify of the military person and his or her unit were not revealed. The service member was reportedly transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center on Sunday, according to U.S Africa Command. In a related development, the French army released a statement on Sunday…

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Incredible: Meet Captain Sam Brown, The Great American Soldier Who Refused To Give Up On Life After Being Hit By an IED (Photos)

Captain Sam Brown

Captain Sam Brown, according to a story by Sgt. Lindsey Bradford was embarking on a route security in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in September 2008. He and his Soldiers came under indirect fire, which swiftly turned to direct fire coming from different directions. Brown entered an enemy combat area while attempting to assist the guys in the M1151 humvees in front of him. He was hit by an improvised explosive device while there. “For the following 15 or 20 minutes, it was completely insane. The 1151 is on fire, and I’m on…

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