Ukraine vs Russia: Who Is Winning the Battle?

Ukraine vs Russia who is winning

Introduction So, the big question on everyone’s mind is: who is winning the battle between Ukraine and Russia? Obviously, this is a complicated question with no easy answer. But we can take a closer look at the facts to try and get a better idea of what’s going on. On one side, you have Ukraine, a young and ambitious country that is fighting for its independence. On the other side, you have Russia, a longstanding superpower with a lot of influence in the region. So far, it seems like Russia…

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Heartbreaking Photos Of Ukrainian Soldier Released From Russian Captivity

Ukrainian Soldier Released From Russian Captivity Looks Emaciated

Shocking before and after photos of a Ukrainian Soldier released from Russian captivity as a result of a prisoner swap emerged and it has since gone viral. According to reports, the Ukrainian soldier who was identified as Mykhailo Dianov, was released on Wednesday, September 21 after 4 months in Captivity. The Ukranian Ministry of defence were the first to release the shocking photos showing the devastating condition of Dianov after his release from the custody of the Russians. It was alleged that the UAE helped broker a prisoner exchange between…

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[Graphic Photos] French journalist killed by Russian shelling in Ukraine

French Journalist

A French journalist was reportedly killed on Monday during a Russian bombardment that struck a vehicle transporting civilians from eastern Ukraine, French and Ukrainian officials said. Reacting tonthe unfortunate development, French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter and wrote; “Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff was in Ukraine to show the reality of war.”  “He was mortally wounded aboard a humanitarian bus carrying refugees fleeing Russian bombs.” Leclerc-Imhoff was 32 years old and on his second Ukraine reporting trip since the conflict began on February 24th. This was revealed in a statement by BFM…

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“Lay down your arms and go home” – Putin warns Ukrainian forces prior to attacks

Ukrainian forces

Early Thursday local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and go home while announcing a military action in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. Putin encouraged Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and return home in an address broadcast on Russian national television, saying the Ukrainian government bears whole responsibility for any potential violence. “Our plans are not to occupy Ukraine, and we do not intend to push ourselves on anyone,” he stressed. READ ALSO: “The world will hold Russia accountable”- Biden…

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