Incredible: Meet Captain Sam Brown, The Great American Soldier Who Refused To Give Up On Life After Being Hit By an IED (Photos)

Captain Sam Brown, according to a story by Sgt. Lindsey Bradford was embarking on a route security in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in September 2008. He and his Soldiers came under indirect fire, which swiftly turned to direct fire coming from different directions.

Brown entered an enemy combat area while attempting to assist the guys in the M1151 humvees in front of him. He was hit by an improvised explosive device while there.

Captain Sam Brown
Captain Sam Brown, before and after the Afghanistan mission. (Credit:The Giant Killers On Facebook).

“For the following 15 or 20 minutes, it was completely insane. The 1151 is on fire, and I’m on fire, too “he stated.

Brown received third-degree burns to 30% of his body, particularly in areas where his body armor did not protect him, and lost his left index finger as a result of the event.


He was evacuated and transferred to Brooke Army Medical Facility in San Antonio, Texas, where the Army Burn Center is located. BAMC is a level I trauma center and home to the Army Burn Center.

Captain Sam brown
Captain Sam Brown. (Credit: US Army)

Brown was treated by the hospital’s doctors as soon as he arrived. He began a series of surgeries employing skin transplants from different parts of his body to heal his burnt flesh. Despite the fact that just 30% of his body was burned, he claims that roughly 85% of his body was harmed because skin from non-burned areas was used.

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Brown added, “I’ve undergone 15 surgeries so far and will have another to increase the range of motion in my hand.” “It’s possible that my rehabilitation will take up to two years.”

Brown was assigned a nutritionist during his therapy because burn victims are prone to erratic weight gain after their injuries.

Captain Sam Brown
Captain Sam Brown stands with his wife, Captain Amy Brown. (Credit : US Army).

Amy Larsen, 1st Lt., was the next person assigned to him. She began working with Brown throughout his recuperation in November 2008. She realized it would be difficult for him to carry a variety of supplements with his injuries, so she had them mailed to him and checked in with him once a week to make sure they arrived.

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“When she called, I tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she was all business,” Brown explained.

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Despite the fact that they both admitted to have “crushes” on each other, the development of any form of relationship appeared to be at a standstill.

As their friendship began to grow, then came the possibility of a more intimate relationship.

Captain Sam Brown
Lt. Gen. Kenneth Hunzeker (left), deputy commanding general of United States Forces-Iraq, talking to Captain Sam Brown. (Photo Credit: US Army).

“For our first date, Sam asked me to a rodeo, and I had to make sure it was OK professionally,” she explained. “In the end, we went, and I had a terrific time.”

Brown’s treatment was transferred to another nutritionist by Larsen, and the two maintained their friendship.

“We started dating in March, got engaged a month later, and married in May,” Brown said. Amy Larsen was renamed Amy Brown, and she is now a captain.

“It appears to be quick, but we spent a lot of time discussing it. The most essential thing to us was that God would be at the core of our relationship “she clarified.

Brown went on to say that he wouldn’t recommend getting married so quickly unless you are certain it is true.

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Captain Amy Brown was then deployed to Contingency Operating Base Speicher to serve as a dietician for most of the northern US facilities in Iraq a few months after the wedding.

She left San Antonio in October, but because of Operation Proper Exit, a program that helps servicemembers gravely injured while overseas find closure, she was reunited with her husband on Dec. 28.

Brown participated in the program despite being injured in Afghanistan because he wanted the opportunity to speak with troops about his experiences.

Captain Sam Brown also plans to serve as a military mentor when Operation Proper Exit is able to return wounded veterans to Afghanistan.

“I don’t think I’ll be donning my uniform and running around with Soldiers like I used to, but I do want to return and feel useful. I want to help others and make a positive difference “he stated.

Brown said he’s come to terms with the realization that his dreams of becoming a Ranger may never come true. He has, however, already realized his desire of settling down with a lovely wife.

Credit: Giant Killers Facebook Page.

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