Abba Kyari and NDLEA: Read what actually transpired

In a statement released today by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the agency revealed that they believe strongly that the embattled DCP Abba Kyari is a member of a drug gang that operates the Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria illicit drug pipeline.

The agency also revealed that DCP Kyari needs to answer questions that arise in an ongoing drug case in which he is the primary actor, based on the intelligence at their disposal.

The agency however said his refusal to comply and honour invitations pushed the Agency’s hand, which is why they had to declare him wanted.

Between DCP Abba Kyari and NDLEA

Abba Kyari and NDLEA
Abba Kyari and NDLEA.
How it all began

According to NDLEA the drama began on Friday, January 21, 2022, at 2:12 p.m., when DCP Kyari dialed one of their officials in Abuja.

When the officer returned the call two minutes later, Kyari informed him that he was coming to see him after the Jumaat prayer to discuss an operational concern.

He showed up at the agreed-upon meeting location with the officer and went straight to the point.

What was being discussed at the meeting
The embattled DCP Abba Kyari.

According to the NDLEA, Abba Kyari’s team had stopped and apprehended some drug traffickers who had entered the nation from Ethiopia with 25 kilograms of cocaine.

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So at the meeting with the NDLEA officer he had earlier called, DCP Abba Kyari proposed a deal in which he and his team would take 15 kilograms of cocaine and leave 10 kilograms for the prosecution of drug suspects apprehended in Enugu. Meanwhile, the stolen cocaine will be replaced with a 15-kilogram dummy (replica).

He then asked the NDLEA officer to persuade men of the FCT Command, to play along as well.

The set up

By 11:05 a.m. on Monday, January 24, after the NDLEA had given the officer permission to play along, he and Kyari began communicating through WhatsApp call throughout the day.

The NDLEA officer then expressed his or her willingness to participate in the game.

It was at this point that DCP Kyari revealed that the 15 kilograms (previously removed) would be shared between the informants who gave information for the seizure and himself and his guys from the Nigerian Police’s IRT.

According to DCP Abba Kyari, the informants were given 7 kilograms, while his team was given 8 kilograms that had already been sold.

He then offered to reimburse the NDLEA team by selling half of the remaining 10kg on their behalf, bringing the total amount of cocaine for the prosecution down to just 5kg.

At N7 million per kilogram, the proceeds from the 5 kilograms would be N35 million, based on the black market rate of N570 per dollar as at January 24, 2022.

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DCP Abba Kyari would then be delivering $61, 400 to the NDLEA team in effect.

Then Abba Kyari continued to pressure the NDLEA officer to wrap up the arrangement with the commander of the FCT Command to take custody of the drug and suspects from his men who were on ground in Abuja.

NDLEA officers. (Photo for descriptive purpose only)

He (Abba Kyari) was speaking from Lagos at the time, where he was allegedly on private business.

The next day, January 25, Kyari offered to send his younger brother to deliver the payment while his men delivered the suspects, but our the NDLEA officer declined, stressing that he would like to deal with him in person and was willing to wait for him to return from Lagos.

The final bombshell

By 5: 23 pm, Kyari was in Abuja and met with the officer at the same rendezvous where they had the first meeting.

In their discussion, he disclosed how his team received the information from a double-crosser who betrayed the traffickers to him, showing a sordid connection between law enforcement agents and the drug underworld; he narrated how acting on the tip-off, his team departed Abuja to Enugu and arrested the traffickers, removed part of the consignment on his instruction and replaced same with dummies.

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He also indicated how to identify the remnant of the original cocaine that would be delivered to NDLEA, five original packages marked with red dots.

This was done to keep the dummies from being put to the test. He sent a photo of the original cocaine package, which was clearly marked.

According to the plan, once the 5kg cocaine has been tested in the presence of the suspects and verified positive, there will be no need to test the remaining dummies.

Abba Kyari also provided the proceeds from the sale of the NDLEA team’s 5kg stake, totaling $61, 400.

The NDLEA officer however, preferred to take the money inside his car. Well, the car, according to the statement by the NDLEA was wired with sound and video recorders.

Watch the alleged video HERE.

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