Ladies, Here Are 5 Things To Expect When Dating A Military Man

Dating a military man may seem like a great idea for many women across the country.

Most women think dating a guy in the military is an easy way to travel and get great benefits. And let’s not forget, military guys always seem to look great in that uniform. Many women wants to be with a man whose appearance commands respect and some will just jump at the opportunity to date them not knowing what to expect in the relationship.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 important things a girl or lady should consider before dating a military man so that you will not end up saying “had I known” when things turn sour.

However, before dealing with our topic for the day, it is important for you as a woman to know what a military man actually wants or Likes in a woman.

What Do Military Guys Look For In a Girl?

My answer to this question will be very straightforward.

Military men, are just like every other men out there. There’s no much difference between us. Every man out there has a type of woman or girl that they are drawn to.

The only difference between a military guy and your regular guy is that there is a higher likelihood that the military man you’re dating or intending to date will be deployed at any point in his military career. Probably for 9 months or more.

For this reason, most men in the military seek a partner or a girl they can completely rely on during this period of deployment. They don’t want to engage in battle and have to spend the most of their time wondering if their wife is having an affair. In a nutshell, they want someone that will be loyal to them come rain or shine. Someone that can bear to wait for an extended period of absence.

Maturity is another important aspect. A military man need someone who can take care of herself and everything he left behind while he’s away, including the children and finances. They need independent women.

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Despite the fact that you will miss each other, he wants to return home knowing fully well that everything is in order and that there’s a mature woman eagerly waiting for his return. After returning home, he expects both of you to resume your normal life as a couple. No grumbling about the time spent apart.

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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Military Man

The Pros

1- Men in the military know the true meaning of respect.

The military emphasizes respect for oneself, others, one’s nation, and one’s community. This implies that they will be courteous, which is one of the main benefits of dating a military man. They’ll respect you, your relationship, your household, your children, your pets, and everything about you.

2- Soldiers must maintain their fitness.

Do you want your man to be physically fit? If your answer is yes, then you’ll appreciate the fact that the military mandates that its soldiers adhere to strict weight and height restrictions. Every branch of the military has additional physical fitness testing standards that force members to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3- Excellent Benefits and Job Security.

Being in the military has several advantages, including excellent job stability. In addition, serving in the military has several advantages, including excellent pay, access to medical and educational benefits, and family support programs that are solely available to service members. And many of those advantages are also yours if you choose to marry the soldier!

4- Their work is fun.

The military accomplishes some amazing things. Military personnel, whether in the Army, Air Force, Navy, NSCDC, or the Police, accomplish some incredibly thrilling tasks. This means that you’ll always have intriguing topics to discuss and get to experienc what other people can only dream of.

The Cons

1- They may work for long hours

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The military frequently places a heavy burden on its members. This might entail extremely lengthy days that could evolve into nocturnal shifts or essentially anything the military requires. In contrast to a regular employment, the military can mandate that soldiers work as many days and for as long as they need to. Although difficult, that is what the soldier agreed to.

2- The problem of deployment

The military frequently sends soldiers on missions around the world. And you most likely can’t accompany them when this happens. This implies that you might spend up to a year apart from your soldier.

Yes, it is very likely that you will be able to speak with them on the phone at some time, but it is not guaranteed especially if your man is deployed to somewhere like Sambisa Forest where there’s no network.

3- It Can Be An Emotionally Taxing Job.

Military service can be difficult. The daily grind can be difficult for some people even when they are not deployed or engaged in battle. This implies that after a tough day or field training activity, your soldier can return home emotionally drained and he might not be able to give you the emotional support you need at that point In time.

4- Soldiers pay attention to little details and takes timing very important.

The military conducts training exercises to emphasize the value of being punctual and paying attention to every last detail.

When you or someone else doesn’t uphold the same standard, they could become irritated. Some soldiers are adept at compartmentalizing this, while some have it so deeply ingrained that it might affect their relationships and personal lives.

5 important things to expect when dating a military man

1- Military men will love you, but they”ll put their country first.

Even if military life is completely new to you (or even seems a little crazy), respecting their decision to serve their country is non-negotiable. They’re doing it to protect not just you, but everyone else, too. That’s a lot of love!

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2- Military men don’t beat around the bush.

Communication is important in any relationship, but your military man will probably not sugar coat anything. Be prepared to learn to tell it to him straight.

3- Dating a military man is scary.

When your partner is deployed, say for instance, to fight boko haram, nothing is guaranteed. You can pray they are safe, but you can’t always be sure. It’s scary, but it also makes their return home so much sweeter. You really learn to cherish every moment together.

4- They live by a code of honor.

The men (and women) who join the military and devote their time and lives to serving their country, live by a code of honor that many people do not. You will find these people are patriotic to the core and they have different beliefs and values than the average citizen. After all, they are willing to sacrifice their life for their country. Respect and manners are very important to them, so don’t be surprised if he expects others to treat him with same courtesy he affords them.

5- They have secrets.

Sometimes, they can’t tell us what’s going on at work, and sometimes they don’t want to. Either way, the secrets he’s keeping are not a reflection of his trustworthiness. There are some things he just can’t tell you, and you’ll soon learn not to ask.

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