5 Dangerous Dogs You Should Not Keep at Home if You Have Kids

Dangerous dogs

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You may love dogs, but some breeds are not safe for families with young children. Here are 5 dangerous dog breeds that you should not keep at home if you have kids.

1. Pit bulls – Pit bulls are one of the most dangerous dog breeds and are responsible for the majority of fatal attacks on humans. They are very muscular and aggressive, and can be difficult to control.

2. Rottweilers – Rottweilers are also very aggressive and can be dangerous to small children.

3. German shepherds – German shepherds are large and powerful dogs that can easily knock over a small child.

4. Wolf hybrids – Wolf hybrids are unpredictable and can be very dangerous to small children.

5. Bullmastiffs – Bullmastiffs are large and muscular dogs that can easily overpower a small child.

The 5 Dangerous Dogs You Should Not Keep

American Pit Bull Terrier

Dangerous dogs
American pit bull terrier/Credit:Dog Breed Info

The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most dangerous dogs you can keep at home.

They are bred for aggression and have a strong instinct to fight. As a result, they are often responsible for attacks on humans, especially children.

If you have kids, it is best to avoid this breed of dog altogether. There are plenty of other breeds that are just as friendly and make great family pets.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dangerous dogs
Staffordshire Bull Terrier lying on grass in profile holding a tennis ball. Credit:CBCK-Christine

You should not keep a Staffordshire Bull Terrier at home if you have kids.

These dogs are notoriously aggressive and have been responsible for many attacks on children. They are also difficult to train and can be very destructive.

If you have small children, it is best to avoid breeds that are known to be aggressive, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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Fila Brasileiro

Adult Fila Brasileiro Brazilian Mastiff dog
© Olgagorovenko

Do not keep a Fila Brasileiro at home if you have kids.

These dogs are bred for hunting and have a very strong prey drive. They can be very dangerous around small children and can easily injure or even kill them.

Fila Brasileiro owners need to be extremely responsible and take measures to ensure that their dog cannot escape and come into contact with children. Even with proper precautions, these dogs are simply too dangerous to keep at home with kids.

Tosa Inu

Tosa-inu Dog Isolated on Black Background in studio
© Trapeza

If you have kids, then you should definitely not keep a Tosa Inu at home. This breed is known for being aggressive and dangerous, and can easily hurt or even kill a child.

Akita Inu

Dangerous dogs
Japanese Akita Inu dog
© Gurinaleksandr

You may not have heard of the Akita Inu, but this dog is one you should definitely avoid if you have kids. Akitas are known for their aggressive behavior and have been known to attack children. If you have kids and are thinking of getting a dog, you should consider a more family-friendly breed.


You should not keep any of these five dog breeds at home if you have children. Each of these breeds has the potential to be aggressive and dangerous, and they should not be around kids.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly dog, consult with a professional to find the right breed for your situation. With the right precautions in place, you can have a safe and happy home with both kids and dogs.

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