Confusion As Veteran Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku Was Spotted Roaming On The Streets Like A Mad Man

Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku, a 62-year-old veteran Nollywood actor was captured on video walking on the streets of Benin City, Edo State in rags while smoking, gesticulating and smiling all alone.

It is always a sad sight to see someone who was once at the top in life and suddenly hit rock bottom and never recover from that downfall, with their lives ending there.

Hanks Anuku

Let’s hope this not the same for veteran Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku who was recently captured on video roaming around the street in GRA Benin City appearing to be mentally imbalanced.

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Hanks Anuku was captured in a video that has since gone viral looking like a completely deranged person.

Watch video below;

Prior to this time, some people (unconfirmed sources) have claimed to have seen the veteran Nollywood actor around Asaba looking this way and mention drug abuse as the cause.

Although we cannot say for sure if this is the true state of things with the Nollywood actor, what we know is that earlier this year, sometime in February, a concerned fan of the veteran Nollywood actor, called for help on the situation he found the thespian.

Similarly, according to a report and video by WithinNigeria, Hank Anuku had revealed towards the end of the year 2021 that he moved out of Nigeria to Ghana becuase of the ease to live in the sister-country.

Again, in another video shared on social media platforms, the actor was spotted by the road seated under a street light drinking alone.

The Fan who spotted him was left in awe as he calls for help from his Nollywood colleagues.

However, reacting to the recent viral video of Mr. Hanks Anuku, another veteran Nollywood actress, and a close friend, Shan George, took to social media to defend her colleague.

She was quick to debunk the claims that the actor was mentally unstable. She dropped a comment on a social media blog telling Nigerians that Hank Anuku is fine. According to her, they were on the same movie set just days before. Read more: HERE

If this is truly Hanks Anuku, the veteran actor and hulk of a man that graced our TV screens, then he needs help.. I know there’s been news about his deteriorating health and his involvement in drugs but seeing this is heart breaking..

Whatever the case, we hope he can get help soonest. ..

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