Man arrested for kidnapping his son and demanding a ransom from his wife

The police in Kenya have arrested a man after kidnapping his son and demanding ransom payment from his wife.

According to Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the suspect, Nemwel Ondari, 32, kidnapped his 8 year old step son while the wife was at work and left a note to her which demanded ksh 50,000.

He also gave instructions that if she did anything fishy or tried to inform the police he would kill his son with a kitchen knife.

The mother Everline Nandera told the detectives that he had gone to the market and upon returning at around 9:20 am she found the son and the husband missing.

Embakasi police who acted on the information given by the mother were able to trace the suspect at city bus stage at 4pm.

The suspect who is held at Embakasi police station was found with a bag which carried his clothes. A kitchen knife was also recovered.

The police established that the two had some misunderstanding before the abduction.

Below is a statement released by Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation;

“An 8-year-old boy who was kidnapped early today morning by his step father has been rescued by detectives and reunited with his distraught mother.

“This followed a report filed at Embakasi police station at around 9:30am, by the boy’s worried mother identified as Everline Nandera.

“Nandera told detectives that she had left their home in Embakasi’s Tel Aviv area at the crack of dawn, headed for Muthurwa market.

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“But upon coming back at around 9:20am, she found her husband and son missing. A note had been left behind by the husband Nemwel Ondari, 32, demanding for a ransom of Sh50,000, for the release of the boy.

Kidnapping his son

“In the note, the man also warned his wife that he would kill the boy using a kitchen knife which he had carried, should she try any monkey business.

“Immediately the woman filled her report at Embakasi police station, detectives from the elite Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) based at DCI Nairobi area were assembled and a manhunt for the suspect was launched.

“The detectives assisted by their Embakasi counterparts traced the suspect and arrested him at the NMS Green Park matatu terminus off Haile Sellasie avenue, a few hours later.

“The detectives established that the couple had a heated argument last night and after Everline left early in the morning for Muthurwa to fend for her family, the man packed his clothes and a kitchen knife in two bags, before taking off with the innocent boy.

Kidnapping is son

“The detectives pounced on the man at around 4pm, as he eagerly waited for the ransom to be deposited into his Mpesa account.

Mother and child were reunited as the man was escorted to Embakasi police station, where he is cooling his heels awaiting arraignment.

“We thank Ms Nandera for her quick action that enabled our detectives move in swiftly and arrest the suspect before he harmed the minor.”

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