Meet The World’s Dirtiest Man: He Died Few Months After His First Birth…

World's Dirtiest Man

Iranian official media said that a recluse dubbed “the world’s dirtiest man” had passed away at the ripe age of 94, just months after using the bathroom for the first time in decades.

Uncle Haji, also known as “Amu Haji,” passed away on Sunday in the village of Dezhgah in the southern Iranian province of Fars, according to the official news agency IRNA.

Haji has reportedly avoided eating fresh food for many years and he thought that “if he cleans himself, he will become sick,” according to the district head for the area, the agency claimed.

Haji was well-known for his adamant opposition to bathing: A few years ago, when some locals tried to bathe him by bringing him to a nearby river, he pushed himself out of the car and fled.

The world's dirtiest man
The world’s dirtiest man

According to reports, Amou hasn’t bathed for over seven decades because he is scared of water.

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His favourite meal was rotten meat of dead animals, especially porcupines. He loved smoking but it is not tobacco that he enjoys. He prefers to smoke animal faeces out of a rusty pipe.

After going through some emotional setbacks in his youth, Haji decided to live an isolated life, Tehran Times reported.

He usually wears a war helmet not to fight off enemies but to keep him warm during winters.

He was said to have lived in – a hole in the ground resembling a grave to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life and an open brick shack built by people who felt bad for him.

According to IRNA, everyone in the neighborhood treated him (the world’s dirtiest man) and his condition with respect and recognized that his avoidance of water was due to his fear of becoming ill.

Villagers successfully washed Haji a few months ago. Although it was not stated wether his first birth after over seven decades caused his death.

Haji was single. According to IRNA, his funeral took place on Tuesday night in the nearby city of Farashband.

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