SHOCKER: Environmental officers rescues man locked up for twenty years in Kaduna 

Man locked up

An unidentified man who has been locked up inside a room for about twenty years has been found by environmental officers in Kaduna state.

According to a news report by Nigerian Tribune, the officers found the man in a house in Benin street, in the central part of Kaduna metropolis on Wednesday, October 12.

Their spokesman, who pleaded for anonymity, said they were shocked at the discovery.

“Today we came to this house in search of beverages that were usually kept in residential houses without proper storage facilities when we saw a naked man locked up in a room,” he said.

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“We found that he was in an uncomfortable position. The odour coming out from the room was unbearable.

“Later, we broke the room and brought him out. He was behaving like an animal. It was then we learnt that he was kept in the room for twenty years.

“We also found out he was fed in the room. He urinates and passes his faeces in the same room.

“The Magaji Gari police in the heart of the Kaduna Central area were later invited and they took him away.” he added.

In Nigeria, the number of persons experiencing this kind of inhuman treatment is said to be on the rise.

Sometime in June 2022, operatives of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), rescued a girl who was said to have been chained and locked up by her mother in a room for eight years in the same Kaduna State.

The consequences of such devilish treatment can negatively impact the victim’s life and linger long even after the incarcerated persons have been released back into society.

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