VIDEO: Aboki arrested for stealing vehicle by towing it away with towing vehicle

Towing Vehicle

An unidentified man simply described as an Aboki was arrested for allegedly stealing a Toyota Muscle Camry vehicle by towing it away with a towing vehicle.

On the said day, the Aboki had already towed the stolen vehicle which was initially parked in front of the owners residence before the actual licensed towihg vehicle operators in the area stopped him and asked for th vehicle papers which he couldn’t provide.

According to the person doing the video, the licensed towing vehicle operators in the area stopped and asked for the keys and papers of the vehicle.

He said; “thank God for the towing v@hicle people who arrested him.

“They asked him for the key and documents, but he could not provide it and that was why they arrested him and handed him over to the police in the community.

“This is the vehicle, its a broke down vehicle and the person parked it outside his compound.”

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