PHOTOS: John Lyon, Bayelsa’s Most Wanted Kidnap Kingpin Arrested In Abuja

John Lyon

John Lyon, Bayelsa’s most wanted kidnap kingpin known for flaunting money on social media has been arrested in Abuja, the federal capital territory.

In a viral video that captured the moment of his arrest, John Iyon, pleaded for forgiveness as he claimed that his wife was just delivered of a baby boy.

He was said to have been arrested in Abuja after being traced from Bayelsa State.

Watch video below:

In the viral video, Iyon, who was handcuffed, claimed he had only participated in two kidnapping operations before his arrest.

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Crying, he said, “Forgive me, make una forgive me, my wife just born sef, a boy.”

Acording to reports, Lyon was allegedly tracked down by members of the Nigerian Police in Abuja.

Sources claimed he’s well known in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State because he lives very large and spends heavily in Clubs and bars.

Below is a few things you should know about the millionaire Kidnapper, John Lyon a.k.a IK- Kpai-kpai Arrested In Abuja.

▪︎John Lyon is from Bayelsa State.
▪︎ Born on 22 Dec 1986.
▪︎ He was a former staff of Sterling bank.
▪︎ He uses the name Lyon interior hub as a cover up for his many kidnapping activities.
▪︎He spends lavishly in clubs.
▪︎He claims to be a graduate of the University of Calabar.
▪︎He was recently involved in the kidnap of one Danjuma, a bank staff where he and his men successfully demanded over 50 Million naira and have confessed to having committed the crime.
▪︎Over N70Million found in his bank account.

This is John Lyon the arrested kidnapper wearing an APC t-shirt. He was a proud APC member according to reports.

This is a reaction of Peter Okoye (of P Square) to the arrest of a suspected kidnapper, John Lyon in Abuja.

Reacting on his InstaStory on Sunday, Okoye wondere if any of the ladies that the suspect spent money on asked about his source of income.

He said, “A big boy was caught after discovering he was a kidnapper. But I wan ask oh, after seeing him with different ladies flaunting money, so none of these ladies ever asked him that question? They don’t want to know, just bring make dem chop.”

This John Lyon’s kidnapper story is another reason to remind yourself not to be swayed by social media flaunting of riches and luxuries.

A reminder that nothing beats true hard work.

Stop saying God when to things you don’t know the source of.

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