#OccupyINEC trending as Nigerians discover fake names uploaded inside the INEC BVAS (See Photos)


Some Nigerian internet users have declared their readiness to protest the suspected voter registration fraud by INEC after it was discovered that fake and foreign names were uploaded inside the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (INEC BVAS machines).

They are also seeking lawsuit to block the implementation of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System because of these irregularities.

The planned protest, which is currently trending on Twitter under the hashtag #OccupyINEC, has been scheduled for September 27.

According to reports, the aim of the planned protest is to storm Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headquarters in order to demand clarification of the irregularities and to ensure that any officials of the electoral body found guilty of a crime would be prosecuted.

It was previously reported that some Nigerians had criticized INEC on Twitter for allegedly attempting to utilize a covert legal proceeding to prevent the deployment of BVAS machines in the general elections in 2023.

The machine is an electronic device designed to read Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and authenticate voters.

Look at the fake names that were uploaded inside the INEC BVAS machine below. You will notice the names that are circled are not even Nigerian names.

Also, you will notice a pettern of gender discrepancies and a kind of age falsification in some of the profiles of individuals uploaded on INEC’s database.


Below are typical examples;

INEC said this particular man in the image below, who looks like someone in his 50s or 60s was born in 1992. Also look at his gender;


Isn’t this truly questionable?

Another typical example can be seen below;


See another obvious discrepancy below;

Who bears short fleur c in Nigeria? Is she the neice of flora shaw?

How is she a he according to the gender?

There are many more irregularities that time did not permit me to upload.

INEC have serious explanations!!!

The question now is, “how did these fake names find their way into INEC database?

Another question is, why are there so many irregularities and discrepancies I what INEC uploaded?

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