Mathias Pogba, 2 Others Arrested Over Extortion Attempt On His Brother, Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

Reports emanating from France revealed that three people, including Mathias Pogba, the elder brother of Paul Pogba have been arrested with regards to the extortion attempt against the Juventus midfielder.

Le Monde and RMC Sport both maintain that Mathias Pogba was invited to Nanterre by police, who wanted to interrogate him over the allegations.

It has been widely reported that between Tuesday and Wednesday, three individuals were placed in police custody over the extortion attempt case against Paul Pogba.

Pogba went to police in both France and Italy after he received threats and attempts at extortion.

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Although initially Mathias made videos on social media threatening to reveal details about his brother, Paul later insisted that his sibling had been acting under duress.

It is possible that Mathias is also a victim of the same criminal gang that Pogba claims has been pushing him for money.

The scandal erupted when Pogba was already out of action following a knee injury and has now gone under the knife to resolve the meniscus tear.

Dr. Roberto Rossi, who performed the surgery on Pogba: “The meniscal tear became worse. When the player tried to push to be on the field, he then got a locked joint of the knee.”

Source: Football Italia

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