Attack On Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah: Identities Of Aides Gunned Down By Unknown Gunmen (Photos)

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah aides killed

The identities of some of the aides of Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah who lost their lives in an ambush attack by unknown gunmen in Egugwu-Ukwu have been unveiled….

The attack happened on Sunday being 11th day of September 2022 at Enugwu ukwu in Njilkoka LGA, of Anambra State

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s convoy was attacked precisely (along) Nkwo Market. He was ambushed by powerful armed assassins who emptied their bullets on his convoy.


Below are the identities on photos of some of the people killed in the convoy;

Mr Goodness Mathias, Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah’s personal assistant

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah
Mr Goodness Mathias,

According to sources Goodnews is from Akwa-Ibom state. By this time last year, The Senator gifted him a highlander Jeep.

Before the unfortunate incident, Goodnews, whi recently celebrated his 40th birthday is said to be a gentle guy and a lover of Peace.

He’s also described by friends as a comrade, photographer and an apostle of the Ubah Brand.

May he find solace in God’s bosom and Also help the living in fishing out your k!llers

Mr Ikechukwu Odum Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah’s personal treasurer

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah
Ikechukwu Odum

Late Ikechukwu Odum is said to be the personal treasurer, the most trusted the oldest staff of Senator Ubah.

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Onowu Agu-Ukwu Nri (Not associated with Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah)

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah
Onowu Agu-Ukwu Nri

Onowu Agu-Ukwu Nri is another man killed by the unknown gunmen. According to reports he was not in the convoy of the Senator. He is also said to be a titled chief in neighbouring Nri community, and had just driven to Enugwu-Ukwu to drop someone who visited him, who would be traveling to Lagos this morning, and he was unlucky to be at that point at the time when Senator Ubah was going to be attacked.

He was driving a big jeep, so the assassins may have thought he was in the same convoy with the senator, and he was gunned down.

Other people identified to have been killed were six Mobile policemen who were riding in the convoy of the Senator, and a driver, who was said to be driving one of Ubah’s cars.

The attack has been described as an assassination attempt on the senator, as eyewitnesses said the gunmen targeted every car in his convoy, especially his security men, and riddled them with bullets.

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