5 Things You Should Do During a Robbery

Armed robbery attack

We have all seen movies with traumatic armed robbery attacks that filled us with horror. For many, the idea of someone breaking into your home while you’re there is the worst nightmare. Fortunately, unlike movies, most armed robbers are looking to steal your belongings, not harm you except they are hired assassins.

It’s still pretty terrifying, though, to wake up in the middle of the night and realize someone else is in your house—and one can’t exactly read an armed robber’s mind or know his or her intentions. That said, there are simple steps you can take to prepare for the worst in the event you find yourself home while armed robbers break into your home.

1. Remain calm and do not resist.

Assure the robber you will cooperate and take no action that may jeopardize your safety. Don’t make any quick or unexpected movements.

2. Follow the robber’s directions, but do not offer more than what they ask for.

Don’t argue. If you have to move or reach into your pockets to give the robber what they want, tell them what you are going to do and why.

3. Make mental notes of the robber’s appearance.

You’ll need to describe the suspect when filing your report. Take note of their features including tribe, age, height, hair and eye color, clothing, etc. Is there anything unusual about their appearance such as scars or tattoos? If they have a weapon, make note of what it is so you can describe it later. If they come or go in a car, try to note the make and model and license plate number.

4. Notice what the robber does so you can include it in your report.

If there are two accomplices, pay attention to any conversations they have with one another. Do they use each others names or nicknames? Do they mention any locations? Try to remember what they touch during the robbery so that police can check those areas for fingerprints.

5. After the robbery, go immediately to a safe location, then report the crime.

Your personal safety is your top priority. Make sure you feel secure before you call the number of police officers. If you’re in an isolated area, move to an area with people and ask someone to stay with you while you wait for help. If you opt to remain at the crime scene, try not to touch anything. If there were any witnesses, ask them to remain with you until the officers arrive. If they must leave, write down their name, address and telephone number.

This article is just for you to be on the safer side, we are not praying that anything happens to anybody.

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