Troops rescue family of 3 from bandits along Zaria-Kano Road

Zaria-Kano Road

Gallant troops of the Nigerian Army have rescued three persons along Zaria-Kano Road

This was confirmed in a press statement by Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner,
Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State.

According to Aruwan, the three persons were rescued by troops who were conducting patrols around Ungwan Namama, along the Zaria-Kano road.

He said that the troops came in contact with migrating bandits in the area and engaged them, forcing them to abandon their three captives as they hastily escaped.

The troops then rescued the victims, identified as follows:

  • Abdullahi Lawal
  • Sadiya Salimanu
  • Fatima Salimanu (Sadiya’s 10-month-old child)

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Investigations revealed that the captives were kidnapped in a neighbouring state.

Also recovered from the bandits were nine rustled animals, comprising one cow and eight sheep.

He said the Kaduna State Government thanked the troops for their valiant action in rescuing the kidnapped victims.

The rescued persons have been reunited with their families, while the recovered animals were handed over to local authorities for proper identification and retrieval.

Source: Kaduna State Government/Facebook.

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