Faisalabad Businessman abducts daughter’s classmate, sexually abuse her for refusing to marry him [Video]

Faisalabad Businessman

In yet another case of violence against women in Pakistan, an influential businessman along with at least five other men allegedly abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted a medical student in Faisalabad on Wednesday.

Police took action against six suspects after footage of the victim being attacked and humiliated spread like wildfire on social media.

Khadija Mehmood

In the harrowing visuals, Sheikh Danish Ali, who runs a lucrative textile business in the Punjab city, along with Maham, a classmate of the victim, can be seen not only mercilessly thrashing Khadija Mehmood but also hurling verbal abuse her way at their residence in the upscale Paradise Valley.

Watch video below;

A case was lodged against Danish, along with his daughter Ana Ali, who is a classmate of the alleged victim in university.

Faisalabad Businessman
Danish Sheikh’s daughter Ana Sheikh.

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According to the police report, Khadija, a final year student of BDS, was Ana’s friend and would often visit her home. Danish began to develop feelings for Khadija and asked his daughter to send her a marriage proposal. Khadija, however, spurned his proposal after which Ana began sending the victim death threats. Upon receiving these threats, Khadija cut off all contact from Danish and his family.

Faisalabad Businessman
Danish Ali, the monster Faisalabad Businessman

On August 9, Danish and his daughter, along with a group of men, broke into Khadija’s home and kidnapped her as well as her brother.

According to the FIR, they also stole valuables including Khadija’s Iphone 13 Pro Max, gold bangles and Rs500,000.
Taking the victim to their lavish residence, situated in one of the most elite areas of Faisalabad, the culprits began torturing Khadija in front of her brother.

Danish and his daughter, along with other members of the household cut her hair, and even made her lick their shoes all the while recording this extreme form of abuse and humiliation in a video, which the culprits themselves later posted on social media.

Khadija has also alleged that she was forced to perform a sex act on Danish which he also recorded.

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