2 Christian Men Could Be Executed For Alleged Blasphemy In Pakistan


Two Pakistani men are being held in prison on blasphemy-related charges after it was claimed that they reproduced an offensive comics about the Prophet Muhammad. This alleged act incensed Muslims.

The young men, simply identified as Sunny and his cousin Noman have been held in prison for three years while awaiting some form of justice, according to Joel Veldkamp, director of global communications at persecution watchdog Christian Solidarity International (CSI), who spoke to CBN’s Faithwire.

“They’re being accused of reproducing some insulting comics about the Prophet Mohamed which … they say they didn’t do and which, of course, should not be a crime even if they did do it,” Veldkamp said.

“But they were accused three years ago, and they’ve been in prison ever since.”

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If convicted, Sunny and Noman could face the death penalty. Their families have also faced plenty of fallout over the allegations. Sunny’s father had a stroke and lost the use of his left arm after finding out about the legal ordeal, and his brother and sister have had to leave school due to safety concerns.

“It’s not safe for them to go to school anymore,” Veldkamp said. “Everyone knows that they’re the siblings.”

Tragically, Sunny and Noman aren’t alone in their condemnation, nor are they outliers, as Christians living in Pakistan often face dire circumstances and false accusations that can lead to imprisonment and death.

“Many Christians in the country go about their days normally, but there is always kind of a sword hanging over their heads,” Veldkamp explained.

“Because, among many problems in Pakistan, they have a blasphemy law that makes it a capital crime, so it carries a death sentence to insult Muhammad, or insult any of the Muslim prophets, or insult the Quran.”

These laws are compounded by false accusations being easy to wage, and it’s pretty difficult to prove one’s innocence if and when such claims arise.

Christians, unfortunately, are “particularly vulnerable to getting accused.” “A lot of Christians kind of live in fear of their neighbors, of their business partners, of other people in their neighborhood that they might be accused at any moment,” Veldkamp said.

Source: Faith Wire.

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