Only A Woman Who Truly Loves You Will Do These 5 Things

Signs of a woman who truly loves you

There are no limits to what a woman who truly loves you would do to keep you to herself. Aside from striving to satisfy your every need, there are also somethings she’d do to make content with her.

However, before going into details, let’s first take a look at what it means for a woman to truly love her man.

What is true love from a woman?

I sat with a relationship expert a few days ago and asked her this question and below is the answer she gave;

“I cannot speak for all women, but only from my point of view. To me, true love is caring for the other person more than yourself. That person is always on your mind, no mater where you are or what you are doing.

“As a woman, you have this feeling that they are with you in spirit all the time. There is no feeling on earth to compare with true love. I feel sorry for people who have never had real true love in their lives,” she said.

To me, true love from a woman is when she cares about your safety, your well-being, your dignity, your feelings, your success, your best-interest without regard for other peoples’ judgment of her.

A woman who truly loves you would stand by you through all trials and tribulations. She will show you the affection, respect, loyalty and honesty that you so desperately need, even when the novelty is gone.

She will forgive you and accept your flaws and take responsibility when she hurts you. She also admit when she makes mistakes because she is also human.

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She will accept the fact that you will grow older the same way she will, and want to experience the aging process with you. Once you notice all this and the fact that she cherishes every moment she spends with you, then be rest assured that this woman truly loves you.

If you are still in doubt as to wether your woman truly loves you despite her words, Here Are some signs she’ll display;

5 Things a Woman Who Truly Loves You Would Do

1- She forgives you many times.

No matter how unserious and disappointing you are, she’ll always find it in her heart to forgive you. Despite being and knowing that you’re a jerk, she’s always willing to give you a second chance. If your woman treats you this way, then she truly loves you unconditionally.

2- She stays with you In your darkest times.

A woman who truly loves you will stay with you at a time when everyone is avoiding you like a plague. She will not leave you because you’re broke or facing difficulties. She sticks around and helps you get back on your feet.

It’s not that she’s sticking around because she knows things would eventually get better, NO! She’s staying because her love for you is through thick and thin.

3- She will introduce you to her family and friends.

A Girl Who truly loves you will proudly take you to meet her parents, siblings and friends. She’ll introduce you to them because she wants them to know that you are the man on board. By doing this, she’s also assuring you of her commitment.

4- Your happiness will be her happiness and your sadness will be her sadness.

Whenever your happy, a woman who truly loves you will be equally happy with you. However, when things turn sour for you, she also feel the pain.

5- Lastly she will take care of you like a mom.

You would know how much your girlfriend loves you based on how she treats you. When she starts treating you in a way that reminds your mom, then you know she’s in love with you. When she does things like ensuring you’re eating healthy, taking care of you when sick, washing your clothes and doing other household chores, then you have someone who truly wants the best for you.

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