Lagos: Man allegedly commit suicide after raping neighbours daughter


A man identified simply as Kayode has reportedly committed suicide after his neighbor’s daughter accused him of raping her twice at their home in the Oja-Amukoko area of Lagos State,

According to the PUNCH Metro, the suspect took advantage of the girl after her mother, who suffered a stroke, was taken to Ikorodu area of Lagos State for treatment.

Kayode allegedly raped her twice, according to her father, who also claimed he seized her phone to prevent her from telling her family.

“My daughter lives with her mother because my wife and I are no longer together,” he explained.

My ex-wife had suffered a stroke, and we learned that she had a neighbor, Kayode, who had been supporting her in taking care of the girl.

“However, as her illness worsened, she was taken to Ikorodu for treatment, accompanied by her daughter.” As time went on, he went to Ikorodu to bring my daughter back to her mother’s home in Campus, Amukoko, so she could continue with her education.

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“However, she abruptly left her mother’s home and came to my place on Ojo Road.” She stated that she wanted to stay with me till her mother recovered. Kayode arrived around 20 minutes later and began telling me that he understood my daughter’s behavior better than I did.

“He explained that since he was the one who brought her home, if she was no longer staying at her mother’s house, he would have to return her to her mother in Ikorodu.” He also claimed that she came to be with me because she wanted the freedom to go out, and that he never agreed with her mother that she would be staying with him.”

The victim’s father claimed that after speaking with his ex-wife, Kayode went away with his daughter, but that a few days later, he received a call from his ex wife’s younger brother, telling him to go to Ikorodu and rescue his daughter.

“I rushed there, but I didn’t meet her at home,” he explained.

When I called my ex-wife’s younger brother, he said he would be there soon.

“After a few moments, I saw my daughter, who told me Kayode had raped her.” She claimed she was unable to sleep alone in her mother’s apartment, and that when she slept at Kayode’s, he raped her twice and took her phone.

“When she informed Kayode she needed to contact her mother, he handed over his phone to her, and instead of phoning her mother, she texted her mother’s younger brother.”

“So we went to a police station, and she told everything to the officers, who said they couldn’t listen to just our side of the story.”

We went to Kayode’s house to pick him up, but he wasn’t there. The cops then told us to go to Orege General Hospital for a medical examination. We were also told to come back the next day while they looked for him.

“The next day, I got a call that Kayode had died after ingesting insecticide.” They discovered his liveless body in their backyard and hurried him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

Kayode’s brother reported to the command that he committed suicide, according to state Police Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin.

“The father of the 16-year-old girl alleged that his wife’s co-tenant, Kayode, 41, had molested his daughter,” Hundeyin said.

Following the report, police officers were dispatched to apprehend the culprit, but he was never seen.

“The inquiry was still proceeding when the suspect’s brother came to the police to say Kayode had committed suicide by ingesting an insecticide-like substance.” The body was found, but it was eventually returned to the family to be buried according to Islamic rites.”

Source: The Punch Metro.

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