The 9 Types of Driver’s Licences in Nigeria

Driver's Licences in Nigeria

Driver’s Licences In Nigeria: Cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You know that not all vehicles are made equal if you’ve ever switched from driving a sports car to a full-size pickup truck. Just because you’re used to driving one sort of vehicle doesn’t indicate you’ll be in the same situation in another.

This is why there are nine (9) different types of driver’s licenses in Nigeria.

Which one have you got?

In section 44 of the Road traffic act listed the classes of the “Driver’s License:

1.Class A Driver’s Licence In Nigeria


2.Class B Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

A vehicle of less than three times gross weight other than motorcycle commercial, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus.

3.Class C Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

A motor vehicle of less than three tonnes gross weight, other than motorcycles.

4.Class D Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

A vehicle, other than motorcycle , taxi, stage carriage or omnibus but excluding an articulated vehicle or vehicle drawing a trailer.

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5.Class E Driver’s Licence In Nigerian

A motor vehicle other than motorcycle or articulated vehicle.

6.Class F Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

Agricultural machines and tractors.

7.Class G Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

Articulated Vehicle

8.Class H Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

Earth-Moving Vehicles.

9.Class J Driver’s Licence In Nigeria

Special, for physically handicapped persons.

Notwithstanding the provision of this regulation, a person may be authorized to have a combination of two or more of the classes.

How to tell If your drivers licence is valid

To verify the genuineness of a NDL, text “verifydlicence space licenceNumber” and send to 33324 . This will return whether the NDL is valid or not; while the status of NDL can be verified by texting “NDL Status space LicenseNo” to 33811, this returns whether the NDL is printed or not. VERIFIABILITY OF THE NDL: SHORT CODES FOR NDL VERIFICATION.

You can also check the validity of your driver’s licence by following the steps below;

1. Go to

2. Click on DL Application

3. Click on Re-Issue of Driver’s License from the drop down for VALID Driver’s License or Renewal of Driver’s License for EXPIRED Driver’s License

4. Supply Driver’s License Number and Date of Birth in the dialog box that opens

5. Click on search

6. Click Ok from the pop up box, after confirming the Drivers License number to be correct

7. This will pull up your information as supplied when you processed the New Driver’s License

8. If it does not pull up your data, means your New Driver’s License is Fake and is not in FRSC Data Base

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