[Video] Muslim man burnt alive for blasphemy in Abuja


A muslim mob in Abuja lynched an unidentified security man and member of a vigilante group for suspected blasphemy against Allah.

In the early hours of Saturday, members of the vigilante group patrolling the Timber shed market at the Federal Housing Estate in Abuja sought to arrest several people loitering about the market.

According to other residents, the men pleaded with the vigilantes to release them in the name of Allah, but one of the vigilantes kicked and made blasphemous and derogatory remarks about Allah.

According to Sahara Repoters, an eyewitness who requested anonymity said the vigilante man was attacked and stoned before the mob lit him ablaze.

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“Omo, they just killed someone and burnt him to ashes for blasphemy at Federal Housing, Lugbe, by Timber shed. This time around, it was a fellow muslim they killed,” a witness said.

Remember that Deborah Samuel, a student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State, was also killed and her body was burned by fellow students a few weeks ago after she was accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad by fellow students (SAW).

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