Man Allegedly Crushed His Wife To Death With His Car


Azeez Balogun, a father of seven, have been arrested in the Itire area of Ajangbadi, Lagos State, for the death of his wife, Tawa.

According to PUNCH Metro, Balogun’s neighbors and residents have accused him of constantly torturing Tawa, who is alleged to be his second wife, whenever the two get into a fight.

Balogun was believed to have beaten Tawa the day before she died, as neighbors’ claims that she shouted for help.

According to an Instagram post on the Instablog9ja platform, the deceased gave birth to three children, while Balogun’s first wife had four. Tawa is said to have looked after all seven children.

A video clip linked to the post showed as residents and neighbors gathered to mourn Tawa’s death.

According to the man who took the video, Balogun abandoned his wife’s lifeless body in his home and fled.

“See what happened at Itire, Ajangbadi. Husband beat his wife till she died; called his wife’s family members to come and carry her dead body, abandoned the dead body and absconded,” the resident said.

Another resident, while recording himself, claimed that Balogun went to the Agbara Police Station in Ogun State to report himself, and that Balogun’s neighbors attested to him maltreating his wife.

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“We proceeded to the Ajangbadi Police Station to report what happened, but the officers there refused to help us and told us to go to the Agbara Police Station,” he stated.

“What we gathered was that the guy was at Agabra Police Station, but we don’t believe the claim. He opened up that he killed his wife, but was not sounding remorseful at all. It was his wife’s sister that he called to carry her corpse. It was when the younger brother of his wife came that he ran away.

“The police questioned him as to why he was fond of beating his wife. We told him to come and bury his wife, but he refused. He didn’t come for his wife’s burial and none of his family members came.”

However, according to Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Public Relations Officer for the Ogun State Police Department, Balogun had been arrested.

“According to the victim’s husband’s testimony, he accidentally knocked down the wife with his car as she assisted him in opening the gate while he was driving out of the compound,” he added.

“We don’t know if the suspect lost control or hit his wife by accident due to brake failure or had other reasons, but the inquiry is still ongoing to determine the exact cause of the incident that resulted in his wife’s death.”

Source: The Punch Metro.

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