Beheading Of Anambra Lawmaker: How DSS arrested the 70-year-old mastermind

Beheading Of Anambra Lawmaker

One Chief Chukwujekwu Onuorah, alias “Egbe-Ejiejeogu,” an Unubi High Chief and malevolent herbalist and the mastermind behind the beheading of Anambra Lawmaker has been arrested by officers from the Anambra State DSS Directorate.

His arrest is one of the most high-profile, intelligence-driven, and technology-driven arrests in recent times in connection with violent crimes.

According to reports, the arrested kingpin is the blood brother of Queen Theresa Onuorah of Unubi in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. The 80 years old queen Is said to be the founder of the famous Egedege Cultural Dance.

The arrested Chief Chukwujekwu Onuorah, who has been described as anti-humanitarian and property violent crimes mastermind, is thought to be in his 70s and was born third in line after Theresa and Late Boniface (first son).

His arrest was in connection with the kidnapping, disappearance, beheading, and decapitation of Hon Okechukwu Okoye, an Anambra State Assembly lawmaker from Isuofia Aguata, who was kidnapped on May 15, 2022.

How Chief Chukwujekwu Onuorah, the criminal mastemind behind the beheading of Anambra Lawmaker was Trailed, Tracked And Arrested

It should be recalled that an Onitsha-based human rights group, International Society for Civil Liberty and Rule of Law (Intersociety) had in its statement of 26th May 2022 (Killing of Northern Muslim Mother and her Children in Anambra…), independently disclosed the arrest of “some soft targets” (an Okada rider and an automobile mechanic) over the dastardly act and named Unubi as the location of various heinous crimes in the state.

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The kidnappers/beheaders of the politician were then tracked to Unubi, where a ransom in the millions of naira (some say N20m) was physically delivered. The murderers allegedly proceeded to kill and decapitate the lawmaker even after collecting the money,

Investigations into the beheading of Anambra Lawmaker further revealed that, EGBE-EJIEJEOGU, the criminal kingpin had used the beheaded lawmaker’s sim card to make criminal calls, after which he was technologically tracked.

He reportedly completed the calls with his own cell phone after the late lawmaker’s sim-‘credit’ card’s had run out.

The dead lawmaker’s phone was placed in monitoring devices, and it was discovered that EGBE-EJIEJEOGU used it to make many criminal calls days after he was beheaded.

It was at this juncture that one of the ‘soft targets’ was arrested in Igboukwu leading to third party identification and location of the arrested kingpin. Between early hours of 28th (last Friday) and 29th (last Saturday) May 2022, the house of the kingpin was raided after he was tracked to be at home.

After many gunshots were fired at him, he managed a miraculous escape by diving into a ditch.

The operatives trapped him by leaving one of his cell phones behind after recovering various incriminating materials, including pistols and bullets and his portrait.

The cell phone was thereafter tracked to a private hospital in Awka during the late night of May 30th and the early hours of May 31st, 2022, prompting DSS operatives to raid the facility, where he was arrested alive in a bandage while attempting to board a tricycle (KEKE).

The two’soft targets’ who had been apprehended earlier were released the same day, on May 31, 2022.

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