Signs Of A Hacked Facebook Account

Hacked Facebook Account

Data breaches and security problems have become a commonplace in the social media industry, garnering constant media attention. Unwitting users’ Facebook accounts have been hacked in a number of cases, resulting in regular data and identity theft.

Every unusual activities you notice on your Facebook account does not necessarily indicate the presence of a hacker. If you are able to connect into your account without difficulty, your account is under your control and has not been hacked.

However, you should expect a potentially nefarious intent if you are unable to log into your account. Users may, however, protect their social media accounts from malicious users by implementing suitable security measures.

But first it is important to know the signs that shows your Facebook account have been hacked. Find the signs below.

What are the signs of a hacked facebook account?

Your Facebook account may have been tampered with or hacked if you notice the following on your account;

  1. your email or password has changed
  2. your name or birthday has changed
  3. friend requests have been sent to individuals you don’t know
  4. messages have been sent that you didn’t compose
  5. and posts you didn’t publish may have been made.

In this article, i will be assisting you in securing your account if you believe it has been hacked or taken over.

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How to secure your facebook account

If by any chance you notice any of the aforementioned activities on your Facebook profile, then there’s a chance that your Facebook account may have been hacked.

Don’t panic. Facebook have put measures in place for you to be able to secure your hacked facebook account. Go to Secure Your Facebook Account or Facebook Guided Help tool and follow the instructions.

Option A: Secure Your Facebook Account

Once you click on the above “Secure Your Facebook Account” link, it will take you to a Facebook page that looks like the screenshot below.

Hacked Facebook account

Once on the page, you’ll see about 5 options to choose from. You should pick the option that best describes the issue/issues that you are experiencing on your Facebook page and click the continue button. Preferably, you should go with the second option that suggests you Facebook Account may have been hacked.

Once you click the continue button, it will take you to a page (like the one in the screenshot above). To Secure your Facebook account, click the “Get Started” button, after which you’ll be taken through a few steps to change your password so that your account is secured from that hacker that already has access to it.

Kindly watch this space for the second available option.

Thanks for reading.

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