Witch Doctor helps police officers by deploying bees to catch thieves [Photos]

Witch doctor

If you thought a witch doctor is only used by people to cause harm in the society, you better reconsider your thoughts.

The Kenyan Police have said a witch doctor in Botsotso, Kakamega county, used his magical abilities to track down and apprehend livestock thieves.

According to Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal investigations, three men who had been attacked by a swarm of bees emerged, carrying the stolen goat and calf on their shoulders and bleating and mooing onomatopoeically like the animals.

Witch doctor catches thieves

The incident that happened in Emusanda village in Kenya was the first of it kind, therefore the whole village was brought to a standstill.

According to the police statement, one Tolibert Imbiakah, the 42-year-old owner of the stolen livestock, went to the witchdoctor after waking up two days ago to find his animals missing from their pen.

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The witch doctor went to the man’s compound and performed some rituals while reciting incantations, then left, telling the owner not to worry as the thugs would come looking for him after two days.

True to his words, two days later (yesterday by 10am), three men identified as Hillary Momanyi, 22, John Bukhazio, 28, and Winston Mutiele, 20, emerged with their hands swarming with bees as they lifted the animals aloft, bleating and mooing rhythmically.

The owner of the animals emerged and positively identified his stock as the witch doctor took possession of his bees before handing over the apologetic thugs to authorities.

Reacting in the comment section of the police statement, people who go to the healers argue that it is more beneficial than reporting to Police because you recover your property immediately. They argue that Police takes a lot of time investigating and it costs a lot of money, yet the healers take just minutes.

Which do you think is the best. Healers or Police?

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