Kano State Saved From Another Catastrophe As DSS Arrest 2 Boko Haram terrorists With Bombs (Photos)

Kano Bomb Blast

KANO BOMB BLAST: According to reports, the DSS has arrested two Boko Haram terrorists in connection with the Kano bombing incident.

The latest arrest capped off a frantic few days in the northern region, marked by the killing of Deborah Samuel for Blasphemy in Sokoto, the arrest of kidnappers and killers of Bethel Baptist and Greenfield University students in Kaduna, the Kano Bomb Blast that killed at least 9 people, and now the discovery of explosive devices/bomb-making materials in Kano. 

Kano Bomb Blast: DSS Arrest Boko Haram terrorists with bomb-making materials.

Even as the widening probe into the Kano Bomb Blast continued across the state, authorities sought to reassure residents that the the bombing was as a result of gas explosion.

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Among the items recovered from the arrested terror suspects include; Four (4) AK-47 rifles, two (2) pistols, suicide vests, and bomb-making materials.

This new development backs up eyewitness allegations that the Kano Bomb Blast was indeed carried out by a suicide bomber.

This arrest comes only hours after Kaduna State Executive Governor Nasir El Rufai stated that Boko Haram/ISWAP had taken control of two local government areas in his state.

This effective DSS operation may have just rescued Kano from a huge catastrophe.

Increased Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Ansarul activity in North West Nigeria in recent months indicate a shift in the group’s attention to the area. Airports, rail lines, roads, and schools have all been targeted as public infrastructure.

Source: Eons Intelligence.

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