Kenyan police arrest thug who killed his 19-year-old girlfriend and threw her body on the roadside (Photos)

Kenyan police

Kenyan police have announced that they have arrested the killers of Purity Wangechi, a Kenya Institute of Mass Communication student, who was brutally murdered about two (2) days ago.

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal investigations revealed in a statement that the mastermind, 24-years-old John Wanyoike Kibungi, was smoked out of his hideout in Kirigiti area following a manhunt initiated by a joint squad of detectives and general duty police officers headquartered at Kiambu police station in the early hours of Sunday morning as he prepared to flee.

Kenyan police

His two accomplices, namely Kanaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri, were also arrested by Kenya police for assisting him in killing the 19-year-old college student and disposing of her body.

The deceased, Purity Wangechi’s body was allegedly discovered by the roadside near Mburiria estate in Kiambu county Saturday morning, with apparent stab wounds and strangulation marks.

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Wangechi had fallen in love with the killer and had been dating him for a while before learning that he was a thug. She challenged him about it, which resulted in a misunderstanding.

She had no idea, however, that her lover was hell-bent on covering his tracks by murdering her. Purity Wangechi left the country’s most prestigious media Institution on Friday to meet him in Kirigiti, hoping to rekindle the dying flames of their once-burgeoning love. She had no idea she was about to enter a deadly trap.

During the early morning raid, officers also found a vegetable knife, which had been cleverly concealed in his waistband and had been used to stab the innocent adolescent student, whose only mistake had been falling in love with a gangster.

The detectives also discovered the murder scene, which was preserved for forensic analysis by DCI National Forensic Laboratory crime scene investigators.

Meanwhile, the three suspects have been arrested and charged with murder in violation of Section 203 and Section 204 of the Penal Code of Kenya.

Source: Directorate of Criminal investigations.

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