Teenage girl takes her father to Sharia court for refusing to allow her marry her lover

Sharia court

A teenage girl identified as Halima Yunusa, have reportedly taken her biological father to a Sharia Court in Magajin Gari, Kaduna, on Monday for refusing to allow her marry her lover, Bashir Yusuf.

Halima, who lives in Kasuwan Magani in the Chikun Local Government Area of the State, told the Sharia court that she loves Yusuf but that her parents would not allow them to marry.

Sharia court
Sharia court in Southern Nigeria. (Photo for descriptive purpose only)

Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Ibrahim, a businessman, said in court that he was aware of his daughter’s “intense affection” for Yusuf.

Yusuf, he added, is yet to fulfill all known marriage rites..

“He approached me and indicated an interest in marrying my daughter. I advised him to return with his parents and other family members.

“He has not yet returned.” After a year or so.

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“He however came back after a year and kidnapped my daughter and fled away with her for three days.”

“We later learned that they were back and had gone to my sister’s residence.”

He claimed, “We alerted the police, and both of them were arrested and disciplined.”

He claimed that after being released from jail, they fled to Abuja, where they stayed for two weeks.

“But, after finally meeting with the boy’s father and having several discussions, he (the boy’s father) stated that his son would not be allowed to marry my daughter.

“Finally, the boy’s father led us to the district head of our village, where we all signed an agreement to keep my daughter away from his son, which was drafted and signed by all of us and our witnesses.”

Yusuf confessed to the Sharia court that he adores Yunusa.

After hearing both sides, Judge Murtala Nasir ruled that Yusuf’s father should be encouraged to allow the children to marry.

“If he refuses, we shall marry them in court even if he does not consent,” he stated.

He advised the complainant to seek forgiveness from her parents and relatives in order to receive their blessings in her life.

He postponed the case until May 23 to allow Yusuf’s father to appear in court for a final ruling.

Source: The Vanguard.

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