Reactions as choir member kills her new born baby in Jos

Choir member kills new born baby

In Kuru, Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, a young woman who’s said to be a choir member in her church was allegedly arrested for reportedly killing her newborn baby.

This was revealed in a Facebook post by a Facebook user identified as GK Yaro CateChist;

GK Yaro wrote;

“Can just imagine, she give birth and still kill the baby, happen today (11-05-2022)in trade center kuru.”

See post HERE;

Choir member
The suspect, a choir member in her church carrying the dead child in her hand

Eyewitnesses say the suspect, a church chorister, killed the infant immediately after birth and was apprehended while attempting to hide the baby’s body in the bush on Wednesday, May 11.

Although the reason for the dastardly act is yet to be determined, Facebook users have stated that this is not her first time.

Members of her community, who are coincidentally on Facebook claimed she had given birth twice or three times and murdered the children.

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According to one Facebook user identified as Dera Vera, this is her third time of giving birth and killing the innocent child.

Dera Vera wrote;

“this is the 3rd time she is doing this,that innocent baby,the /man who got her pregnant was nt aware self,heartless human being,harma she na choir member.”

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Another Facebook user, Mospee Paul Gyang, who seem to be sympathizing with the victim wrote;

‘I don’t support cruelty but before we pass judgement on her, let’s ask ourselves some critical question.

“(1) is she sane or in right state of mind?

“(2) what is the society saying about her during the pregnancy and after delivery?

“(3) The man responsible for the pregnancy did he accept it and was ready to care of the mother and the baby?

“(4) what if the allegation is false? (5) those ladies who commit abortion, are they better than her? And many more questions. I repeat, I don’t support homicide and cruelty but we ought to ask ourselves these questions first before saying anything, because they can’t be smoke without fire.”

While another wrote;

“Every day u cary file in ur hand claimming to be a choir member,God have mercy on u.”

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Dachung Pam
“May God continue to punish her in Jesus name.child is a blessing from God.”

Jessica Gyang
“May the innocent child forgive it’s mother and Rest In Peace.”

Bulus Abigail
“Please don’t judge her no body knows what she passes through we should not be quick to judge rather we should holds one another’s hand to pray and encourage our selves.”

John Elisha Langs
“May the Lord forgive her in Jesus name amen.”Eether Fwogoe
“What a shameful world we are may god for give her for what she just did for the innocent child.”

Joy Zaleng Sunday
“She may be in need of rehabilitation, there was probably a traumatic event.”

Dalyop Yohanna
“she need rehabilitation, who pregnant her ?”

Jessica Gyang
“It’s so pathetic but we ought to sympathize with the poor lady.”

Dengi Sprase
“May God have mercy on her.”

Great King

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