How bloodstained banknotes led Israeli security forces to Palestinian terrorists who killed 3 in Elad

Bloodstained banknotes

Israeli Security Forces have reportedly arrested 2 killer Palestinian terrorists using bloodstained banknotes in a 3-day manhunt that involved almost 800 IDF personnel, including members of the Commando Brigade.

On Sunday, Israeli security forces tracked down two Palestinian terrorists who killed three Israelis in Elad last week using Bloodstained banknotes and a suspicious lump of grass.

The two suspects – As’sad al-Rifai, 19, and Emad Subhi Abu Shqeir, 20, both from Rummama, near Jenin – were apprehended in a forested area near Elad and Nahshonim Park by soldiers, police officers, and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) operatives.

Lieutenant Y., a Maglan unit deputy platoon commander, told reporters that he had been looking for the terrorists since Thursday evening and had discovered a “strange lump of grass” on Sunday morning.

“We found what appeared to be a suspicious body in a bush, and as I got closer, I noticed the body was breathing, so I called for backup support, and they were surprised,” Y. explained. “They were exhausted and did not put up any resistance to arrest.”

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The manhunt included soldiers from the Egoz, Maglan, and Duvdevan Special Forces units, the Ghost unit, the Lotar counterterrorism team, and the Mirol tracking unit, according to an IDF Central Command senior commander.

“The terrorists came from our sector, and we bear responsibility,” he said.

The security forces established a joint command center near Nahshonim, according to the officer, who also stated that the area where the terrorists were apprehended had been searched several times during the manhunt.

According to the senior officer, the bloodstained money was the “final sign” that the terrorists were in the vicinity when it was discovered on Saturday. The results of a DNA test arrived at 2 a.m. as a confirmation.

“The terrorists were exhausted, and we expected to find them that way,” he said.

During the manhunt, Y said he scoured the area numerous times, and when he found the terrorists, they were hiding under a bush with no food, water, or cellphones.

The terrorists initially refused to speak “since they were completely surprised,” but security forces were able to identify them, according to Y.

In a video from the scene, Rifai is seen identifying himself and his accomplice. An officer asked him what he was doing in the area, and he said: “An operation, the Elad operation.”

“I don’t know exactly,” he answered when the officer inquired what transpired during the operation. “We hit people.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

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