Pastor Arrested For Hypnotizing 2 Church Members And Taking Their Vehicles From Them


A pastor has been arrested for reportedly hypnotizing two members of his church into giving up their valuable possessions.

According to Standard Gazzette, he is the senior pastor of Power Ground Chapel Incorporated in Benin City, which is located at 3 Uwa Street off the 2nd East Circular Road.

Standard Gazzette revealed that the pastor, Prophet Benson Nosakhare, was arrested on the 3rd day of May 2022, after one of his victims reported the issue to the police.

The suspect, Prophet Benson Nosakhare. Credit: Standard Gazzette.

Benson allegedly preyed on the people through “false prophesies and divine pronouncements,” according to police authorities.

Mr Osamudiamen Thompson, one of his victims, sent a petition to the Edo State Commissioner of Police, alleging that he was hypnotized by his prophet.

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According to the petition, Prophet Nosakhare claimed he saw him in an accident with his Lexus ES 350 automobile, In a vision.

To avoid the accident, the prophet allegedly told him that he needed to leave his car in the church premises for spiritual cleansing, and that driving it would result in his death.

“I came back to my senses and asked why I was trekking in Benin city,” Osamudiamen told Standard Gazette.

The 2 vehicles allegedly taken from the church members

“When I arrived at the church, I found that the pastor had changed the color of my car from gold to black and was driving it.”

“He also took my gold bracelets, which were worth millions of naira.” I had to notify my relatives, who then called the police.”

“A friend of mine also left his Lexus jeep with the pastor,” the petitioner continued, “and he afterwards changed the color to black.”

In an interview with SG, the suspect admitted to collecting the vehicles. “Yes, I collected the cars,” he explained, “but they are members of my church who used it to sow seed to God.”

The Commissioner of Police Edo State Command, CP Abutu Yaro, praised the Operatives for their quick response and noted that some prophets instill fear in the people with doomsday prophecies.

Such fake prophesies, according to CP Yaro, are intended to defraud people of their money and other personal belongings, causing their problems to worsen rather than be solved by genuine prayers.

He warned that such people will face the law, and he authorized the police investigating team to charge the fake prophet with fraud and acquiring money under false pretenses in court right away.

Source: Standard Gazzette.

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