BREAKING: Another lady gruesomely murdered in Abakaliki hotel

Lady Killed In Abakaliki hotel

The death of a young lady, Ugochi Nworie, has been confirmed by police in Ebonyi State.

According to the police, preliminary investigations revealed that the lady may have been raped to death or killed for ritual purposes as her hands were tied.

Lady Killed In Abakaliki hotel
Photo of the deceased

The Police Public Relations Officer of the state, Loveth Odah, said, during a press conference on Wednesday in Abakaliki, that investigations are on to determine the immediate and remote circumstances that led to the young lady’s sad demise.

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According to reports, the deceased was alleged to have slept in an hotel on Mgbowe Street in Abakaliki, the state capital with a group of young men.

In recent times the gruesome murder of young girls/women has been on the raise in Nigeria.

This sad event is coming just a day after the body of an equally young lady was dumped in the roadside in Jos by suspected ritualists.

Several sources have claimed that the recent killings of young girls are being perpetrated by ‘Yahoo Boys.’

Meanwhile, these instances have elicited strong reactions from a variety of people and on social media. While some condemn the girls for falling prey to their covetousness, love of money, and materialism, others argue that now is not the time to assign blame because it may not be entirely the girls’ fault.

According to those who hold the latter viewpoint, since the ritualists appear to be looking for female organs with which to perform their money or other rituals, it doesn’t matter if the girls they use are their girlfriends or not, as they could attack any vulnerable girl they don’t even know, kill her, and remove her organs.

The police, on the other hand, have assured the general public that the command will conduct a comprehensive investigation in order to get to the bottom of the matter and catch the perpetrators.

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