Abuja Kaduna Train Attack: Terrorists release photo of kidnapped victims new born baby

Abuja kaduna train

The armed group which captured some passengers in the Abuja Kaduna Train Attack that took place on March 28, 2022, have released the picture of a baby born by one of the abducted pregnant women in their camp.

The baby’s mother was said to be about 8 months pregnant when she was kidnapped along with numerous others in the ill-fated train attack on March 28, 2022, according to DAILY POST.

Abuja kaduna train
Abuja kaduna train attack victim’s baby in terrorist captivity. Credit: Daily Post

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The terrorist group suspected of being Ansaru, a breakaway faction from Boko Haram, allegedly released a picture of the new born baby girl on Wednesday evening, dressed in a heavy pink frock and a light lemon sweater cap.

It would be recalled that two days ago, social media went agog with the news that one of the pregnant women abducted by the terrorists had delivered a baby girl.

The story turned out to be true as the terrorists recently released a picture of the new born to back up their claim.

The Abuja kaduna train was attacked 30 minutes before it arrived at its destination.

Abuja kaduna train attack victims
Screenshot from one of the videos of Abuja kaduna train attack victims released by terrorists

The attackers had detonated a bomb on the rail track, causing the train to derail, and then opened fire on the passengers, killing some and kidnapping others.

About two weeks after the attack, the terrorists released a video showing the victims of the attack, including men women and little children.

One of the victims who was allowed to speak, a student from Kaduna State University, dressed in blue jeans and a yellow shirt (In The above screenshot), appealed to the government for help.

She said; “I’m speaking on behalf of the students here. Government should please hear our cry and come to our aid.”

According to reports, the Nigerian Government and security forces are trying everything possible to see that the victims regain their freedom as soon as possible.

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