2 Burglars Arrested For Killing Domestic Worker At Former Lawmakers House

Suspected killers of domestic worker

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of a domestic worker at a lawmaker’s home in Uromi, Esan North-East local government.

Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai allegedly killed a domestic worker known as ‘aunty Mary’ at the home of Hon. MD Igbas, a former member of the Edo State House of Assembly.

According to Standard Gazette, Atiku, a Kano indigen, worked for the lawmaker who represented Esan North-East constituency.

Suspected killers of domestic worker
Suspected killers of domestic worker (Credit/Standard Gazette)

Standard Gazette revealed that Atiku quit his work early this year and went to Uromi Town to look for other jobs.

He however, kept watch at the former lawmaker’s house and planned to burgle it with his accomplice, Obed Sai.

The two criminals stormed the house when they learned that Hon. Igbas was out of town.

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The suspects, who arrived on a motorcycle, forced their way into the residence and plundered every room, hunting for valuables, according to Standard Gazette.

When “Aunty Mary” came in on them, she recognized Atiku right away and raised the alarm.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that the duo attacked Mary with a machete, killing her instantly, before dragging her lifeless body inside a cupboard and fled the scene.

The incident sparked outrage in the community, with many accusing Hon. Igbas, who was arrested a few days ago.

According to the Standard Gazette, Igbas was imprisoned for four days at the state Police headquarters while the police investigated.

Hon. Igbas’ luck changed a few days ago when police in Uromi intercepted and arrested Atiku Yohanna and Obed Sai on suspicion of killing the domestic worker.

Hon Igbas was released after the arrest of the suspects, who later confessed how they allegedly murdered the woman. He has since reunited with his family.

The suspects describe how the purported murder was carried out. “I worked as a security guard in the residence for a few months before leaving to ride a motorcycle,” Yohanna says.

“I needed money, so I invited a friend to join me in attacking the house so we could acquire money to send to Kano, my home state.”

“After we left the house, we spotted anty Mary who called my name,” he continued. I told my other colleague that we should just kill her.

“We cut her neck and head three times with the cutlass.” I’m ashamed now that I’ve been arrested.”

When contacted, Edo State Police PRO, SP Bello Kontongs, said the two suspects would be properly examined to see if they had committed any other crimes in the state.

“I can tell you that the two suspects will be charged with murder in court,” the police PPRO added.

Source: Standard Gazette.

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