Operation Checkmate: Nigerian Army Arrest 12 Fake Soldiers In Lagos (See Photos)

Operation Checkmate

Operation Checkmate: Earlier today, the hierarchy of the Nigerian Army said it’s officers from the 81 Division Nigerian Army Military Police arrested about 12 suspected impostors fully dressed in Nigerian military camouflage uniforms portraying the Nigerian Army in bad light.

The army said the suspects were arrested during an operation codenamed OPERATION CHECKMATE within Lagos and Ogun States.

Operation Checkmate
the suspected impostors

In a news conference, Major General Umar Thama Musa, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 81 Division Nigerian Army (NA), dispelled the erroneous narrative that all criminal activities committed by persons dressed in military uniforms are always military personnel.

He pointed out that those wearing military uniforms and accoutrements such as belts and stickers on their cars, as well as those driving commercial vehicles in military dress or civil vehicles painted in Army colors, are most often not personnel of the Nigerian Army.

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According to him, the Division has increased the actions of OPERATION CHECKMATE in order to ensure regular arrests of impostors and offenders within the Division’s jurisdiction.

Since January of last year, over 150 impostors have been apprehended, according to the GOC.

During the parade of the suspected impostors, Major General Musa stated that preliminary investigations revealed that some of the suspects specialized in setting up roadblocks along Ajah road to extort money from motorists as well as other illegal activities while dressed in Nigerian Army camouflage uniform.

Major General Umar Thama Musa, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 81 Division Nigerian Army (NA),

Similarly, the GOC stated that some people were apprehended in full military attire near the Ilaro Border area of Ogun State, where they were smuggling rice and other contrabands.

According to the GOC, the apprehended impostors would be handed over to the Nigerian Police for further action.

As a result, he advised the public to refrain from wearing military uniforms and T-shirts, as well as from displaying military banners, belts, and stickers on cars, and from driving civilian vehicles painted in Army colors.

He also urged members of the public to continue to help the Division’s OPERATION CHECKMATE by providing information to the nearest Nigerian Army Formations or Units in order to cleanse Lagos and Ogun States of criminal elements bent on ruining the NA’s highly esteemed image.

The GOC congratulated members of the press for their efforts in reporting on the NA’s actions in an objective manner.

Source: The Nigerian Army.

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